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Financial literacy important for young adults

April 15 was the filing deadline for the United States income tax. All across campus students were heard discussing the proper way to go about filing taxes or if anyone going to the university even made enough income to file.

This day prompted a lot of confusion and stress for the young people on this campus and nationwide. The widespread panic highlights a larger issue prevalent in this generation of young adults.

Quiet train zones a bad idea


Silent train zones should not be implemented for railroad crossings in San Marcos.

City officials have tried to implement quiet zones in the city since 2011, according to a March 25 University Star article. The proposed safety upgrades were priced at $1.1 million. Railroad crossings would be outfitted with extra precautions in order to prevent drivers from maneuvering around the caution arms once they are lowered.

Indiana law detrimental to businesses, community

The religious freedom legislation recently passed by the Indiana government does not bode well for the state or the businesses housed there.

On March 26 Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 568 into law. The bill asserts state and local governments cannot infringe on a person’s religious freedoms without “compelling governmental interest,” according to the Indiana General Assembly website.

Proper sunscreen selection, application crucial for health

Students should incorporate sunscreen into their daily fun in the sun as the days warm.  

Everyone should be wearing sunscreen year round, although that does not always happen. Sunshine, warmer weather and increased outdoor activities prompt more sunscreen use during summer months.

Campus pad, tampon machines must be restocked

None of the tampon machines on campus are currently in service, and this digression must be remedied.

University officials stopped restocking the machines on June 14, 2010, according to the signs posted in women’s restrooms throughout campus. The most commonly cited reason is a lack of funding.

University should continue to adopt green initiatives

Implementing green initiatives ranging from alternatively fueled vehicles to solar panels can be beneficial for Texas State and society at large.

According to a March 3 University Star article, Texas State will implement Compressed Natural Gas vehicles, also known as CNGs, in the university fleet after the enforcement of a statewide mandate.

Net neutrality ruling beneficial, must be upheld

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruled 3-2 Feb. 25 to protect the current neutrality of the Internet.

This ruling represents a small win, but the war has just begun. Some corporations and entities are attempting to file lawsuits in order to get the courts to potentially overturn the FCC’s decision.

San Marcos needs full-time homeless shelter

The city does not currently have a full-service homeless shelter, and this must be remedied.

Homeless services are present in town, but none are full-time. The Southside Community Center (SSCC) provides daily shelter and meals, but those who stay overnight must leave every morning and return at 5 p.m. when the building re-opens. SSCC officials are doing what they can to help the homeless, but more must be done.

Open carry inappropriate for campus setting

Allowing campus carry at Texas State is a bad idea and leads credence to critics about the safety hazard it possess.

Apparently the Texas legislature thinks allowing hormonal, often-irrational young adults to walk around campus with guns on hand is a bright idea. We think the contrary. Having safe spaces is important and should be maintained.

Students should get behind national debt campaign

Students should take the time to lend their support to Texas State’s Up To Us campaign team.

Up to Us is a national competition on university campuses sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative. The campaign seeks to empower students to educate others on the United States’ national debt and the economic and social effects it has on the populace. As of January 2015, the national debt is approximately $18.1 trillion.


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