Kyle Ashcraft

Madness in March: Bobcats must brush up for postseason play

The Texas State men’s basketball team was picked to finish eighth in the Sun Belt Conference according to ESPN’s preseason predictions.

Right now, the Bobcats are slightly exceeding those expectations as they sit in the seventh spot with a pretty much secured—knock on wood—spot in the conference tournament.

This year shows a huge improvement after the team finished last in the Sun Belt with a 4-14 conference record in 2013. Some people might even deem it successful.

But to coaches, players, and fans, success is not just making the tournament. An early exit would just mean another season in the books. To be successful, they need to win the tournament.

Save the Cinderellas: Shot clock should not change to NBA standard

There are many differences between college and professional basketball.

Some fans want to implement a 24-second NBA-style shot clock into college basketball. I think the shot clock should remain the same for the sake of the collegiate game.

The NBA has a 24-second shot clock, while college players have 35 seconds—a whole 11 seconds longer. Some basketball critics and analysts feel the need to bring the collegiate shot clock down to 24 seconds. They say it’s crucial and would speed up the game to an NBA style of play. It would also help NBA-bound players adjust to the next level more quickly.

Column: Student attendance lacking, needs to be fixed

Many students use one excuse in particular to justify not attending games.

The teams just are not good enough.

Yet those students do not know the football team was on the verge of going to a bowl game last season. The baseball team is predicted to finish second in the Sun Belt Conference this season. The volleyball team won the 2013 Sun Belt Conference Championship and finished second in the 2014 tournament.

Let’s be honest. Bobcat athletics are not as exciting as going to an SEC football or a Duke basketball game. It won’t be that way for a while, but the student body is not helping the cause by skipping games.

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