Mariana Castillo

Hands off my lovely lady lumps

It is never OK for anyone to put their hands on a woman’s body, no matter her size. My body is not a commodity for mass consumption.

While there may be an influx of women who work in politics, own their own businesses or support their families by themselves, what everyone around these ladies seems to be concerned with is bra size or how big their butt appears in shorts.

America forgot to 'never forget'

America has lost sight of what and who made this country the place it is today and it is time we rediscovered our identity.
This past Friday was the 14th anniversary of 9/11, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. However, it was hard to tell with only minimal news coverage and posts on social media saying nothing more than the old adage, “Never forget.”

Donald Trump is a national embarrassment, shame to presidential bid

Donald Trump is a disgrace to American ideals and should be lambasted not only for his arrogance and anti-intellectualism, but for his reliance on bigotry and fear to perpetuate his political ideas.

Another campaign season has begun with a field of new candidates who hope to become a household name, while the returning candidates try again to capture America’s attention. The current Republican front-runner for the 2016 presidency, Donald Trump, has dominated the news for reasons having nothing to do with actual politics.

Minimum wage insufficent to cover student expenses

For returning, new or transfer students, the beginning of school means it is time to wake up early, try to stay focused in class and keep up with daily assignments. However, it is not as simple as it was in high school because now there is tuition to pay, books to buy and rent due every month.

Independent students paying for everything on their own and work on campus often pay a high price for attending college. Unfortunately, the wage those students are paid is not sufficient enough to keep up with the rising cost of a good education.

The future belongs to millenials

Being in the millennial generation is often an exciting time for those who were born after 1985.

Owning businesses, breaking world records and becoming fashion icons are some of the accomplishments of this young generation. Yet as part of this digitally crazed, so-called “selfie-obsessed” group, finding yourself may interfere with finding a satisfying job.

People should stray from critiquing other's bodies

Another summer has arrived with another set of unrealistic expectations for the average person to get toned and lose the weight gained over the winter.

As cliché as it might sound, everyone should embrace themselves for who they are and how they look.

Parking permit system costly, dangerous for university students

Potential college students have many things to factor into their decision, including possible financial aid and the cost of tuition.

College students are often perceived as eating ramen noodles with a broken fork for dinner night after night. They try to save money every way they can, like, for example, by taking the Bobcat Shuttle instead of driving.

The university Parking Services department should create a cheaper parking option for students. The department should also extend the hours the permit provides.

Clinton would be figurehead, not leader

As a woman, I would like to believe America has come far enough along in its history to not question the possibility of having a woman for president.

However, the main subject currently dominating conversations in the country is whether Hillary Clinton will be able to run a country based on the fact she is a woman.

Celebrities face insecurity, ‘super-fans’ do not help

Millions of hearts broke around the globe when One Direction lost one of its beloved members.

Zayn Malik made his departure from the group in late March and left a wake of scattered tissues and torn posters as parents braced themselves for the meltdowns teenage girls and boys would be having all across the globe. However ridiculous these self-proclaimed directioners’ reactions may seem, there may be a deeper psychological explanation for how a celebrity could have such an impact on fans.

Underweight models contribute to unhealthy body image

When one looks for the definition of “perfection,” fashion models often come to mind.

The fashion industry has been known for its lack of empathy toward the working models. These women must keep their hair a certain style or color and maintain a certain weight, or else they are kicked out without a second thought. The ideal of total perfection has begun to break down thanks to public figures and legislation calling out for an immediate change in mindset.


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