Bryant Trevino

Aquarena overpass a necessity for future local generations

San Martians are far too familiar with the concept of traffic due to the large amounts of students and what seems like eternal construction projects or the constant chugging of trains through the city.

Having just completed the continuous flow intersections at Aquarena Springs and Hopkins Street, the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of San Marcos have undertaken a new project.

University officials should improve teacher evaluation program

One of the most stressful and crucial points in any student’s college experience is the course selection process.

Important questions about which class schedule is best or if 8 a.m. classes are doable have to be considered.

Talk It Out: Sexism still prominent in video games

The video game community is notorious for being a male-centric group, and with the recent #GamerGate controversy, the stereotype has only been confirmed.

American Sniper patriotism masks cultural bias

The movie American Sniper is no more than a work of propaganda that feeds American Islamophobia.

There has been an ongoing debate over the Oscar-nominated film about its central character and his title as an “American patriot.”

Teachers should not be granted use of deadly force on campus

Even in light of recent concerns about excessive force by authorities, Dan Flynn, state representative for District 2, introduced a new bill this month aiming to provide teachers with use of deadly force on school grounds.

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