Andres J. Rodrgiuez | Staff Photographer

School of Music presents Latin music on the Square


The Square is typically home to club music, but the sounds of salsa took over on Friday night.  

The Stonewall Warehouse hosted the second Salsa on the Square presented by the Latin Music Department in the School of Music. Chris Rue, general manager of Stonewall Warehouse, said two musical groups within the community performed. 

“We have Texas State’s Salsa del Rio and Orquesta del Rio, and the San Marcos High School salsa band is also playing a couple of songs,” Rue said.

The event brings diverse music and supporters to the bar, Rue said.

White hat hackers protect Texas State

The recent Sony Pictures Entertainment attacks paint a picture of high-stakes, action-packed hacking that does not accurately represent the day-to-day traffic caused by cyberattacks.

Alejandro Ramirez, part-time graduate student and computer science systems analyst for Texas State, said the university is hacked daily, probably every minute.

Hackers try to invade systems to sell server space or administrative access, Ramirez said. The buyers use servers to attack others, or look for information, including registrar data. 

“It’s hard to tell what they’re looking for unless they get in,” Ramirez said.

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