Robert Nunez

Litter damages campus’ image

Littering is not only offensive and unhealthy for the environment, it reflects badly on those who do it.

Littering is not classy—those who choose to toss their trash on the ground rather than take it to a proper receptacle make themselves look ignorant and lazy. Littering is disgraceful and is an act that deserves to be fined. Heaps of fliers, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam cups and cigarette butts not only trash up the view for passersby but can damage the local environment. Being courteous enough to dispose of waste in a proper fashion should be a given.

Bobcats should take advantage of fitness resources at Texas State

Students should be encouraged to enroll in physical education courses every semester, join a campus sports club or attend the Student Recreation Center weekly.

Being physically active can motivate students to take care of their bodies now and into the future, and succeed in other areas of life.

Talk it Out: Underage Drinking

All students over 18 have right to drink

In the U.S., a person is legally considered an adult at age 18, when they are granted the right to vote, smoke tobacco and enlist in the armed forces, among other things. However, Americans do not truly become adults until age 21, when they are granted their last withheld right—alcohol consumption.

E-cigarettes, designated smoking areas alternatives to possible tobacco ban

If officials establish a citywide public smoking ban, designated smoking areas should be created and residents and students could use e-cigarettes as an outlet instead of having their rights unfairly infringing upon.
Multiple public areas have already chosen to limit tobacco use even though the ban has yet to be passed in San Marcos. School zones and public playgrounds are tobacco-free in addition to many bars and restaurants that prohibit smoking in certain areas. This is, in part, an effort to phase out smoking among the younger generation.

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