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Green Guys Recycling took Memorial Day flood 'personally'

Green Guys Recycling, a San Marcos company dedicated to household recycling, was affected when some of its employees lost everything during the Memorial Day weekend flooding.

Laura Driver, administrative service manager at Green Guys, said the company’s dedication to disaster relief runs deeper than just its employees’ personal losses.

“When one of your own is affected, even if they are just from your community, it hits you hard,” Driver said. “We took the flood personally.”

She said the company made two donations to the flood-stricken community of over $15,000 after the natural disaster occurred. Employees began collecting scrap metal in San Marcos and Martindale the day after the flood to fund the first donation.

New TSUS partnership will offer additional college aid for nontraditional students

Higher education may soon be more accessible for nontraditional students.

Texas State University System officials announced a partnership with Modern State Alliances Sept. 10 to offer a program called “Freshman Year for Free.”

The program will provide free online Advanced Placement-style classes for nontraditional students beginning next fall, said Mike Wintemute, associate vice chancellor for governmental relations for TSUS. 

Modern States Alliances will offer 30 free online open courses, including course material, digital textbooks and possibly online tutoring, Heintze said.

Eight17 Lofts to be bought by new owners

Eight17 Lofts has been a half-built eyesore for San Marcos residents since January 2014 when construction appeared to slow down, ultimately coming to a complete halt sometime the following fall.

Students began signing leases to live in the new close-to-campus structure back in September 2013, by February 2014 Innovative Student Housing had delayed move-in dates four times. The Attorney for Students office confirmed Innovative filed for bankruptcy at a consultation meeting in January 2014.

All summer, the structure stood, half complete, with many students and San Marcos natives wondering if it would be knocked down or finished.

Campus carry task force starts preliminary process

A campus carry task force is transitioning into the information-gathering process to prepare for the implementation of new gun legislation.

The task force, led by Vicki Brittain, will draft policies and guidelines regarding the implementation of campus carry next fall. President Denise Trauth will review the policies before taking them to the Board of Regents. Trauth has asked the task force to submit the policies by spring break.

The task force will feature subcommittees to consider specific issues and work to represent different groups.

Repair, rebuilding costs of Memorial Day flood continue to climb

Four months after the Memorial Day weekend flooding, San Marcos and Hays County are still calculating the monetary cost from repairing and rebuilding flood-stricken areas of the community. 

The city and county suffered damage to infrastructure, buildings, parks and other public property. An estimate released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  June 22 predicted the cost of public assistance, including bridge and road repairs, will be $33 million.

Laureen Chernow, Hays County media representative, said it could take several years to finish repairing damage caused by the flood.  

Fate of confederate road marker near Sewell Park discussed

During the week following UT’s relocation of a Jefferson Davis statue on campus, Faculty Senate members discussed the future of a Confederate marker located by Sewell Park.

Susan Weil, journalism and mass communication senator, motioned to recommend that the marker be removed or relocated at the Sept. 2 Faculty Senate meeting.

A faculty member brought it to the senate’s attention.

The monument in question is an unofficial road marker commemorating Jefferson Davis. The marker was put in place by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

“I don’t think someone who tries to secede from the country should be honored,” said Rebecca Bell-Metereau, English professor.

Hooters looking to relocate after denied liquor permit

Hooters officials are looking to relocate after their restaurant was denied a conditional liquor permit at the July 7 city council meeting.

The restaurant’s proposed San Marcos location is at the intersection of IH-35 and Luciano Flores Street, across the road from Luby’s, said Kristy Stark, assistant director of planning and development services, in an email.

Hooters’ request to sell alcohol at the proposed location will be discussed at the Sept. 8 Planning and Zoning (P&Z) meeting.

A group of residents of a neighborhood near the proposed location, led by Robert Jett, San Marcos citizen, filed a petition with city council and succeeded in getting P&Z’s approval of the permit overturned.

San Marcos Police Department provides safety zone for exchanges

San Marcos is one of many cities across the nation adopting a safe zone program called SafeTrade, allowing citizens to exchange goods at the police station.

Citizens are now able to use the police parking lot or lobby to exchange goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program is targeted toward people who use person-to-person sites like Craigslist.

“(Citizens) should have a place to finalize these transactions that are safe and neutral,” said Chase Stapp, Chief of Police at the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD). 

Leander, Georgetown and Pflugerville are among other locations that have incorporated this program into their community, he said.

The police department began looking at the project about a month ago, Stapp said.

"Back to Our Future" celebrates San Marcos business

This year marked the 30-year anniversary of the San Marcos Business Expo and the iconic movie Back to the Future.

San Marcos citizens walked among local business booths in funky costumes ranging from “mad scientist” to a poodle skirt at the Embassy Suites Conference Center Aug. 28.  A remake of the flux capacitor adorned the center of the room. "Streets" were labeled with playful names such as McFly Highway.

The business expo provided a chance for the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce and local citizens to give to nonprofit organizations. The money from entrance tickets will be donated to an unannounced nonprofit.

University joins diversity pledge recognized by President Obama

Texas State was one of more than 120 institutions that pledged their support to a diversity initiative presented Aug. 4 at the White House Demo Day in Washington, D.C.

The initiative was presented in the form of a one-page pledge signed by deans of the participating schools. Under the pledge, institutions of higher education must commit to at least one K-12 or community college program aimed at increasing the diversity of the engineering student body.

President Barack Obama announced the initiative to an audience that included CEOs of major companies like Intel and startup businesses owners for bringing a change to the way things are done in the United States.


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