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'Healthy at every size' movement spreads unhealthy mindset

Most of the world's population currently lives in countries where weight-related issues kill more people than starvation does.

Over 300,000 people die from obesity every year in America alone. We are dealing with an epidemic, not some small, oppressed minority fighting for equal rights.

Nicole Arbour made headlines recently with her scathing comedy video entitled “Dear Fat People.” While I do not agree with everything she says, many of the critiques hold weight.

Campus carry a positive for students

Firearms are tools used for protection, not monsters to be feared.

Beginning on Aug. 1, 2016, all legal gun owners licensed to carry a concealed firearm will be able to do so on public universities across Texas. Senate Bill 11, or the campus carry bill, is a step in the right direction to keep students and faculty safe.

GOP debate anything but boring

The Republican Party boasts a diverse list of 11 candidates campaigning to win the 2016 presidential nomination.

All of them put on a great debate and proved the Republican Party is ready to take the United States in the “right” direction.

Talk it Out: Greek life a great option for students

Greek organizations have been under heavy criticism in light of events that have left some sororities and fraternities appearing exclusive, perverse and even racist. However, Greek life recognizes these deplorable aspects, actively changes in order to fight stigmas and provides an environment where students can comfortably thrive.

Students benefit from graduating early

Getting ahead in life is the purpose of college and the reason Bobcats are here in the first place. Graduating early provides an even greater upper hand for those students bent on setting themselves apart from the fray of college kids entering the work force.

Graduating early is a great way to save money and jumpstart the job application process. Bobcats can save on rent and parking fees by graduating early.

College campuses should promote debate, do away with "safe spaces"

Everyone desires a place to feel safe, surrounded by happy thoughts and similar opinions. However, universities in their very essence are—and should always be—the exact opposite.

College campuses are a hodgepodge of different people, religions, backgrounds and opinions. The beauty of higher education is that it surrounds students with ideas that challenge their current worldviews.

Students must graduate with experience, not just a sheet of paper

Every parent, teacher and former student will give you the same advice: buy your books, go to class, take notes, do homework and study.

This is all great advice for graduating with your choice degree, but basic advice lends itself to basic results and students will not stand out from the pack if they succumb to the bare minimums.

Freedom of expression important note in flag debate

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.

The key difference is that ignorance simply implies lack of awareness about a subject, while stupidity conveys the inability of a person to understand something due to inadequate intelligence. Stupidity thus leads to the misinterpretation of a fact. Clinging to the Confederate flag is the definition of stupidity, but people have a right to freely express that stupidity.

Tenure should benefit students, not just professors

Terrible professors are a plague to higher education and a shameful waste of private and public funding.

Terrible tenured professors put students at risk, lowering their quality of education. One of the biggest incentives for professors to work hard at their jobs is the opportunity of gaining a tenured position. However, once the goal is achieved, these tenured professors can become more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Proposed river legislation may do more harm than good

San Marcos is known for the beautiful river running through it.

Protecting the condition of the San Marcos River and the safety of the people who enjoy it is important. However, the Texas Senate’s recently proposed legislation has the potential to do more harm than good.

On May 12 the Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 234 (SB 234), which is designed to improve safety and enjoyment on the San Marcos River. Currently, the bill is awaiting House approval. While this bill would improve safety, it would not improve the main purpose of the river—enjoyment.


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