Maddie Teague

Obesity should be cured, not accepted

Fat is not healthy, and morbid obesity is deadly.

The fat acceptance movement strives to redefine body standards, telling people to love their bodies “no matter how big.” It is important to love your body. However, it is also important to treat it well.

This movement claims even morbidly obese people are perfectly normal. It asserts that overweight individuals lack privileges thinner people possess. These advantages include the ability to buy properly sized clothes and get lower health insurance rates and the assumption that all fat people are considered unhealthy.

University free speech zones limit students’ expression

Most Texas State students are familiar with the Fighting Stallions statue, either to hang out at between classes or even perform the pre-test ritual of touching their “manhood” for good luck.

There is more significance in the area surrounding the Stallions than simply good luck and relaxation.

The small area is known as Texas State’s free speech zone. However, upon a closer examination, the idea of a free speech zone is an oxymoron.

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