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Everyone Loses When a Politician Wins

In this fall’s past election, two career politicians  ran for for governor—two individuals who aren’t above saying and doing anything they must to be elected.

Even one man down, alt-J is sticking around

Making an incredible statement with their most recent album, the Grammy-nominated band alt-J have succeeded in finding their way to the top of the charts and to the top of my playlist. “This Is All Yours” is an original, diverse, intriguing roller coaster ride of an album. There are so many different types of sounds and instruments being molded together that it’s mind-blowing. Also, let’s not forget lead singer Joe Newman’s voice. It is no surprise that alt-J is up for a Grammy. They really brought alternative music to a whole new level.

All Things Movies and TV

I absolutely love movies and television shows. It’s so cool to see all the different pieces come together and make something awesome. There are so many unknown things that go into making movies and shows. Call me a nerd, but I love watching the behind-the-scenes features on DVDs, and I will read anything that talks about the process the directors and producers go through. I love it.

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