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Film by Texas State alumna screened

Movie enthusiasts gathered at the Alamo Drafthouse Village in Austin on April 9 to view a screening of the indie film The Bag Lady.

The film was written, casted, filmed, directed, produced and edited by Ericka Marsalis-LaManna, Texas State alumna of studio and fine art photography.

Ericka’s husband, Ray Sr., did technical work behind the scenes and starred as himself in the film.

This is the second film the pair has produced. Their first movie, Generation Me, was released in 2012.

The two recently founded TrendSmashers Productions and work as part-time filmmakers in Austin.

Furious 7 races past historical records

Saying goodbye to an old friend can sometimes be as simple as parting ways at a fork in the road.

Paul Walker, who starred in six of seven The Fast and the Furious movies, was killed in a high-speed car accident in November 2013, and the initial shock at the news of his death gave way to the realization Furious 7 would have to address it.

Looking for a new show? Better Call Saul!


It was the show nobody wanted to see end, so the masterminds behind Breaking Bad invented a new beginning.

Since the shocking series finale in September 2013, fans have been patiently awaiting another fix from creator Vince Gilligan. Their answer came in the form of a two-part premiere on AMC Feb. 8 and 9 when the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul made its television debut.

The show flourishes on its own rather than trying to piggyback on the success of its predecessor as so many other spinoffs have done.

There are nods to Breaking Bad, of course, with guest appearances and even full-time roles from former cast members. The show also features a unique soundtrack and an-all-too familiar camera technique.

Transparent pushing barriers for Amazon

Socially progressive shows like Girls and Orange is the New Black are dominating the networks and awards shows alike, but Transparent, an Amazon original series, is quickly surpassing them all.

The cast and crew of this unique show have proven they have the skill and prowess to make it in this fast-paced digital-viewing era with only one season (10 episodes) under their belts.

Transparent takes place in modern-day Los Angeles with some minor flashbacks. The show focuses on a family of three children and two divorced parents. This may sound incredibly dull and overdone—something one would expect to see running on some off-brand network with a weak and repetitive storyline.

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