KTSW hosts MR Fest for San Marcos

Music filled the streets of San Marcos April 24-25 as members of the community gathered to support local artists.

The eighth annual My Radio Festival (MR Fest) took place in downtown San Marcos.

The event was hosted by KTSW 89.9, Texas State’s student radio station, and brought a diverse group of musicians and listeners to the city.

Local businesses such as Taxi’s, Superfly’s Music Emporium, Texas Skate Shop, Triple Crown and The Hitch served as venues during the performances.

School of Music presents Latin music on the Square


The Square is typically home to club music, but the sounds of salsa took over on Friday night.  

The Stonewall Warehouse hosted the second Salsa on the Square presented by the Latin Music Department in the School of Music. Chris Rue, general manager of Stonewall Warehouse, said two musical groups within the community performed. 

“We have Texas State’s Salsa del Rio and Orquesta del Rio, and the San Marcos High School salsa band is also playing a couple of songs,” Rue said.

The event brings diverse music and supporters to the bar, Rue said.

Concert series finale showcases faculty

Music buffs, students, faculty and staff gathered Tuesday to listen to the musical workings of Texas State jazz artists.

The performance by the Texas State Jazz Artists Septet was the final event of the International Concert Series presented by the School of Music. This event was held in the Performing Arts Center.

Washington García, associate professor of piano and assistant director of the School of Music, said he is the founder and artistic director of the International Concert Series. García said the series is intended to expose the community to new styles of music and support the school.

Texas State alumni produce local music festival

Thousands of eager partygoers showed up to Cool River Ranch in Martindale for #TXSpringFest on Saturday.

John Russell, co-CEO of Tha Fixx, an entertainment website, came together with business partners Brian Hobbs and Victor Jackson to make #TXSpringFest a reality. The event was hosted by Tha Fixx and promoted by Endless Entertainment.

The concert was supposed to featured hip-hop artists Juicy J and K Camp as well as EDM performers LooKas and Sikdope.

Renowned pianist delights crowd with familiar scores

Students, faculty and the San Marcos community came together April 12 to hear familiar songs performed in a new way.

The Texas State School of Music hosted Simone Pedroni in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall as part of the Guest Artist Series.

Pedroni performed some of the works of composer John Williams, including the Star Trek and Harry Potter film scores. Pedroni incorporated compositions by Nino Rota and Louis Moreau Gottschalk.

Jason Kwak, associate professor in the School of Music, said the familiarity of the works made the performance inviting for audience members.

Percussion ensemble showcases unique instruments


Members of the Percussion Ensemble and Panorama Steel Band showcased their talents in an end-of-the-year performance April 13 through April 15 in Evans Auditorium.

Genaro Gonzalez, professor in the School of Music and percussion coordinator, said students developed the performance pieces throughout the semester.

There were two performances separated by an intermission: one by a percussion ensemble and another by the Panorama Steel Band.

Gonzalez said the percussion ensemble features eight students, primarily music majors, ranging from freshmen to seniors.

“The percussion ensemble plays a lot of different instruments,” Gonzalez said. “They play the marimbas, xylophones, battery percussion instruments, including tambourines and symbols, and a drum set.”

Monthly percussion recitals showcase student talent


Student percussionists practiced their performance skills in front of a live audience at a recent studio recital.

The Texas State School of Music held its third Percussion Studio Recital from 6-7 p.m. on Monday.

Kari Klier, senior lecturer the School of Music, said she created the recital to help her students expand their skills in front of an audience. Klier said the event was open to the public with free admission.

Klier said the last recital was held five weeks ago. The recitals are a monthly event in room 236 of the Music Building.

Klier said she teaches a group of private students in one-on-one percussion lessons for their individual degree plans. She teaches each student for three hours per day.  

Somos Músicos provides classical musical experience

Student musicians had the chance to prove their talent and dedication by participating in the Somos Músicos recital.

The Texas State School of Music hosted Somos Músicos on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall.

The performance included “Allegro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Trio in Bb Major” by Josef Triebensee and “Catching Shadows” by Ivan Trevino.

Paula Bird, senior violin lecturer and head organizer, said the event was exclusively a student performance. The event was a chance for the musicians to show off their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Somos Músicos means “We are Musicians.” The group was created by Thomas S. Clark, director of the School of Music, Bird said.

San Marcos residents visit Superfly’s for musical variety, sound quality

Many San Martians know Superfly’s Lone Star Music Emporium as a one-stop shop for classic vinyl records, posters and literature.

Zach Jennings, owner, said the store opened about three years ago and features vintage music from a variety of genres.

Lance Garza, employee and Texas State alumnus, said he was hired after being a regular customer at the record shop.

Wild Child, The Deer, José Gonzáles and Americana bands are sold consistently at Superfly’s, Garza said. The sound of these artists appeals to Central Texans.

Garza said he wasn’t especially exposed to music growing up. However, he developed a love for the art, which eventually led him to work at Superfly’s.

New student organization connects electronic music lovers


“Love, unity and respect” is the motto adopted by a new campus organization striving to promote the San Marcos electronic music scene.  

Abraham Trevino, criminal justice sophomore and president of the Electronic Music Association (EMA), said the group is dedicated to providing students who appreciate electronic music the opportunity to connect and network.

“We want to create a scene for those who might not fit in,” Trevino said.

The organization is still in the beginning stages, but representatives hope it will improve students’ careers by teaching them how to DJ or produce music.

Trevino, who is a DJ, hopes by creating EMA he can help others find themselves.


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