New reserve constable appointed to Precinct 3

The Hays County Commissioners Court approved a new reserve deputy constable position April 14 for Precinct 3.

A motion was passed by Commissioner Ray Whisenant, Precinct 4, and seconded by Commissioner Will Conley, Precinct 3. All the other commissioners voted for approving the new reserve deputy constable for Precinct 3 and the appointment of Blair McCall to the position.

Deputy Constable Ray Helm, Precinct 3, said McCall contacted officials to ask about job openings.

Electro Purification counters claims of aquifer depletion


Representatives of Electro Purification (EP) presented a study demonstrating the viability of the company’s plans to pump the Trinity Aquifer at Tuesday’s Hays County Commissioners Court meeting.

A study by Wet Rock Groundwater Services, an environmental consulting firm representing EP, argued for sustainability in plans to pump the aquifer. Lawyers and hydrologists debated the accuracy of a contradicting study presented by EP’s opponents.

Kaveh Khorzad, president of Wet Rock Groundwater Services, said EP’s proposed rate of 2.7 million gallons of water per day would not damage the aquifer irreversibly.

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