Benjamin Enriquez and Jon Wilcox

Jane Hughson takes Place 4, defeating incumbent Wayne Becak

Jane Hughson defeated incumbent Wayne Becak for the city council place 4 seat with 57.11 percent of the votes.

For the first time ever two women will serve on the San Marcos City Council. Hughson said her victory is about the people of the city, not her.

“It’s about San Marcos and what’s going to be good for San Marcos,” Hughson said.

Hughson said winning feels wonderful and this term will mean more to her than the last one, when she served from May 1996 to 2002.

“Oh, Lordy, this is so much better ‘cause I know what I’m getting into,” Hughson said. “I know what I can do for the citizens of this town.”

Friends and supporters of Hughson attended her watch party at the LBJ Museum on The Square.

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