Anna Herod and Carlie Porterfield

Sorenson, Montgomery concede to Guerrero in 2014 mayoral race

Supporters joined mayoral candidate Jonathan Sorenson to await the outcome of the election in which Sorenson ultimately conceded to Daniel Guerrero Tuesday night at the Westfield Apartments clubhouse.

Although Sorenson only won 21.24 percent of the vote, he is not discouraged looking to the future.

“This is not the end for me—it’s only the beginning,” Sorenson said. “I think taking 1,100 of the less than 4,000 votes cast this year is pretty significant and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Sorenson said he thinks it’s fantastic and promising that Jane Hughson and John Thomaides won for city council places 3 and 4 because they had the same platform he did. 

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