Lee Moran

San Marcos bowling alley passed down through family

When George Gilbert applied for a bank loan to start his own bowling alley in 1959, he was prepared to be flexible on everything but its name. George Gilbert was dead set on naming the alley after a street he drove down every day—Sunset Lane.

Sunset Lanes Bowling alley has been a family affair ever since.  

Teri Perkins, general manager at Sunset Lanes, said George Gilbert, her grandfather, met his future wife all those years ago when she worked at the bank and granted him the original loan to fund the alley. When Gilbert applied for the loan 55 years ago, he didn’t know he was on the path to not only starting his own business, but a romance.

Get Out Of Town: Round Rock


As a small town with big attractions, Round Rock makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

Home to Texas State’s nursing campus, many students often drive back and forth between Round Rock and San Marcos regularly. Round Rock hosts both big establishments and small shops, including quaint eateries, rustic trails and furniture giant IKEA.  

Round Rock Donuts, located on W. Liberty Ave., is home to world-famous pastries featuring their signature ingredient—yeast.

“We are definitely most famous for our glazed donuts,” said Operations Manager Paul Guderyahn. “The recipe was created in 1926.”

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