Jonathan Rodriguez

Everyone Loses When a Politician Wins

In this fall’s past election, two career politicians  ran for for governor—two individuals who aren’t above saying and doing anything they must to be elected.

The Profit of Disagreement

In economics, it is commonly taught that competition results in lower prices and better products for the consumer. When applied to politics, Americans tend to agree that better candidates result when multiple parties battle for a majority’s approval. Throughout American history, popular elections have consistently maintained a two-party composition.

The Conscience of a Cynic

It is no surprise that modern-day academia is overwrought with liberalism. A generation disillusioned by war-of-choice and suspicious of authority sought to “fix” their country by gaining esteemed degrees that would poise them to be the decision-makers of tomorrow. In the face of Watergate, Vietnam and stagflation, who wouldn’t be a progressive reactionary? Now the pendulum has swung the other way and, in the shadow of these academics, we inherit a university where politically left is considered politically correct.

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