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Climate change cannot be ignored, must be addressed immediately

Climate change is real and imminent, and action must be taken immediately to reduce its consequences.

Many people do not believe in climate change, or global warming, as the uneducated like to keep calling it. Climate change is not like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or conspiracy theories. Choosing not to believe in climate change is like choosing not to believe in the Universal Law of Gravitation or Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Friends with benefits relationships can be positive for students

Having a friend with benefits is a positive experience for college students—the relationship provides support, stability and sexual gratification without requiring too much commitment.

According to a 2009 article titled “Negotiating a Friends with Benefits Relationship,” approximately 60 percent of young men and women represented had experienced such a relationship. This same study states that friends with benefits have just as many problems to navigate as a formal relationship. I disagree.

Changing majors can be beneficial, should be embraced by students

Changing majors is no cause for concern and should be embraced as a learning experience rather than considered a grave mistake on the part of the student.

According to a Nov. 29, 2005 NBC News article, 80 percent of college-bound students have yet to choose a major. Fifty percent of students change majors at least once during their college career.

This process often causes a lot of stress for students, many of whom are pressured to feel as though they should know what they want their career to be before they even start college. This expectation is outrageous.

Minimum wage not adequate payment for self-supporting college students

The current minimum wage rate is insufficient for college students on a tight budget.

San Marcos may have the sixth-lowest cost of living in Texas according to the Greater San Marcos Partnership, but the minimum wage is still inadequate for comfortable living. The United States Census Bureau claims 37 percent of the city’s population is below the poverty level. The median household income from 2008-2012 was $27,360. Although it may seem as though minimum wage may be adequate for such a cheap place to live, this is simply not the truth.  

Students must prioritize mental health concerns

Taking care of one’s mental health is important and should not be neglected, even if that means turning to medication or therapy.

Depression can be a difficult disorder to pinpoint. After all, every person feels sad or depressed for no reason at some point. This is especially true for college students, who must endure the combined stresses of maintaining grades, a social life, finances and trying to decide what path in life to take career-wise. All of these stressors can culminate into some serious mental issues.

Pornography skews teens’ understanding of sexuality

Online pornography is a harmful and pervasive industry that negatively affects its viewers’ sexuality by framing violent sex as normal and enjoyable.

Television advertising too manipulative of consumers

Commercials and other forms of advertising are too invasive and manipulative and should be regulated to only include factual information.

Every time they flip on the television, viewers are forced to spend an enormous chunk of time watching advertisements just to enjoy a few minutes of actual programming. In these ads, everything from competing brands of spaghetti sauce to children’s toys to freaking Snuggies are strategically marketed toward viewers.

Vegan diet affordable, plausible for college students

Veganism is a healthy and economical lifestyle that is easy for college students to adapt to.

It is incredibly easy for some people to laugh at vegans. Some enjoy waving fried chicken at a vegan and proudly proclaiming their ability to eat anything with a face. Many people seem to think all vegans fit the stereotype of only eating salad and quinoa, being skinny and sickly and experiencing no joy in food.

Officials must improve services provided to residential students

The Student Business Services and Residential Life departments need better organization and more helpful staffs in order to more adequately serve students who live on campus.

Bieber fixation, hate unjustified compared to similar celebrities

The petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada is a waste of time and comes off as overly self-righteous.

ABC News reported more than 200,000 people have signed a petition aiming to kick Bieber out of the U.S., enough to warrant a response from the White House. This petition paints the pop star as “dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing,” and claims he is wrongly representing the U.S. in the world of pop culture.  


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