Daniel Palomo

The ‘drain’ to FBS, Part III

After Texas State’s reclassification to the Football Bowl Subdivision level several years ago, the true success of the football program must continue to be scrutinized and evaluated by students and officials.

A priority is something defined by action. A major priority of Texas State officials was to be reclassified several years ago to the FBS level. Has it been a successful transition over the years?    

Street construction must include sidewalks, bus lanes

San Marcos and Texas State officials should work to improve streets, sidewalks and bike lanes in the spirit of the recently filed “Complete Streets” bill.

Complete Streets is a bill that will provide guidelines for the construction of new roads and the improvement of others, according to the non-profit cycling advocacy organization BikeTexas. Specifically, the bill seeks to ensure roads are built to accommodate users not in cars.

Driving creates danger for student motorists, pedestrians

Some students continue to fuel America’s obsession with cars over any other means of transport, including bicycling, walking and b

Students find safety in interurban buses

Some students’ only safe and reliable route to Texas State will unfairly vanish this fall when the Bobcat Tram Interurban routes cease to operate.

One of the aspects passengers enjoy about the interurban buses is safety. Often students believe riding the bus is safer than driving personal vehicles for a number of reasons, and some Texas statistics validate their feelings.

Tram cancelation ignores, disadvantages commuters

Instead of largely focusing on profits, transportation services officials should care more about accommodating the students who may not be able to enroll next semester because of the interurban bus cancelation.

Students received an email Jan. 31 regarding the cancelation of the Bobcat Tram Interurban lines. Students were told the service was too expensive, rarely on time and a study indicated 48 percent of students could drive if the interurban tram was canceled, among other things.

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