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McClarty establishing himself among defensive line despite size

Dallas McClarty, junior defensive tackle, isn’t the biggest guy on the team.

At 5-11, McClarty seems a bit undersized, but he uses that to his advantage.

McClarty was second on the team in tackles for loss (7.0) and sacks (3.0) last season.

McClarty is entering his third season for the Bobcats and it may be his most productive to date if he lives up to Coach Dennis Franchione’s hype.

“Dallas is playing the best I’ve ever seen him play,” Franchione said.

Some say the low man always wins. With McClarty’s height, technique and quickness, he gets lower than his man and uses that leverage to beat bigger opponents.

Practice report: Football amping up intensity

The intensity is already there for the Texas State football team.

The season opener against 10th-ranked Florida State is fast approaching and the Bobcats are more prepared to take on the biggest challenge in program history.

There was limited contact in Friday’s practice. The players have been practicing all week long, so Coach Dennis Franchione decided to give them a reward by giving them a light practice so the players’ bodies can heal up.

“We had three good days with shoulder pads,” Franchione said. “I was pleased with the work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They worked hard Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So because of that we decided to wear shorts and helmets today.”

Season preview: Bobcats have bowl game in mind

The Texas State football team begins the season playing against the highest ranked team in program history.

Playing Florida State, ranked 10th in the nation, will be a barometer for where Texas State lies on a national level. Texas State will play the top three preseason ranked teams in the conference this season.

“Our schedule is a little tougher this year then last year, I feel,” said Coach Dennis Franchione. “Florida State is a little cut above Illinois—go figure huh? We go to Georgia Southern, we go to Lafayette and we go to Arkansas State. That was flipped around last year so this schedule from a total standpoint is a little bit tougher.”

Sun Belt Conference Media Day: Football gearing up for 2015 season

Coach Dennis Franchione announced Monday that the Texas State athletics program will offer a full cost of attendance stipend for all student-athletes next year.

Starting August 2016, each athlete will receive $3,040 per year, according to reports from the San Marcos Daily Record

The cost of attendance stipend is intended to cover food, personal travel and other related expenses. 

“It’s a big decision for us,” Franchione said. “It’s going to be huge.”

For recruiting purposes, Franchione views the cost of attendance stipend as an important equalizer against more established football programs.

Football announces non-conference opponent in 2017

The Texas State football team has added another Power-5 conference team to their future football schedule.

In the 2017 season, Texas State will travel to Boulder, Colorado to take on the Colorado Buffaloes,  a member of the Pac-12 conference.

This will be the first time in program history the Bobcats have played a team from the Pac-12 conference. With this game scheduled, by 2017 Texas State will have played at least one team from every Power-5 conference: Big Ten (Illinois), Big 12 (Texas Tech), ACC (Florida State), SEC (Arkansas) and Pac-12 (Colorado).

The game against Colorado is the second game scheduled for the 2017 season thus far. The Bobcats are scheduled to host UTSA that year.

Football: Analyzing the skills

[Editor's note: For the next few summer issues, The University Star sports staff will provide you with breakdowns of the 2015 Texas State football team—from the skill players to the front seven to the secondary to everything in between.]


Tyler Jones, junior quarterback, returns as the third-year incumbent starter. Jones will be the go-to leader for this Bobcat offense. As a dual threat, Jones adds to the Bobcats’ running game. Jones rushed for 718 yards last season, the third best mark on the team. His improvement needs to come from being an impact passer.

Sign of inspiration: Football player performs first-ever sign language concert

On July 6 Brian Guendling, junior defensive end, posted a YouTube video of himself performing a sign language concert alongside friends and teammates—the first of its kind.

Overnight, the video received over 2,000 views. There is more to this story than a viral video, however. 

Guendling has spent his life around the special needs community. Guendling’s two 55- and 51-year-old uncles are blind, mentally challenged and have been in wheelchairs their entire lives. 

An early look at the Texas State football team


Despite the Bobcats' run-oriented spread offense, all eyes will be on the development and maturation of Tyler Jones, junior quarterback, who is entering his second consecutive season as the incumbent starter. Jones contributed to the Bobcats’ running game by rushing for 539 yards last season, which was third-best on the team.

The question is whether Jones developed to be a more impactful passer. While he has indeed grown more efficient, completing 65.4 percent of his passes and a 22:7 touchdown-to-interception ratio in 2014, Jones averaged 222.5 passing yards per game.

Beyond the game: James Hilliard, junior sprinter

James Hilliard, junior sprinter, understands that you will only get out what you put in. 

Hilliard has been running track since elementary school, when he lived in Los Angeles, California, with his mother, Deborah Carr, who was a track star when she was younger. 

Growing up in a household where track and field was a large part of his life, Hilliard embraced the idea of setting and reaching goals.

“I love the feeling of winning and the sense of accomplishment that you set a goal for yourself and you go out and accomplish it,” Hilliard said. 

Naturally, this creates a competitive drive within Hilliard.

“I always want to get better,” Hillard said. “I always want to challenge myself. Motivation comes from within. I really don’t like to lose.”

Get to know: Randi Rupp, freshman pitcher

PL: What is it like to share the same birthday with both of your sisters?

RR: I think it’s pretty cool. When I tell people that, they always are like, “No you’re lying! That’s not true!” And I’m like, “No, I promise.” So, I don’t know. I think it’s pretty cool.

PL: Do you have a favorite baseball/softball player? Why?

RR: Cat Osterman. Whenever she came here, I was like, “That’s my idol.” You know, it was all about Cat and Jennie (Finch) when I was growing up. And now I get to come here and play for her, which is pretty cool.

PL: When did you first start playing softball?


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