Hanna Foster

Specially engineered health products ‘necessary evil’

It has become increasingly prevalent, particularly among millennials, to choose what is considered by some to be a more natural lifestyle.

This is causing both positive and negative effects.

‘Black Thursday’ threatens Thanksgiving tradition

The time of year formally known as Thanksgiving is filled with turkey, football and family. Or at least that is how it should be.

In recent years, the meaning of Thanksgiving has become misconstrued by the capitalist agenda. Thanksgiving no longer feels like the day-long celebration of family and giving thanks but is instead just another excuse for businesses to make more money.

Breast cancer foundations sexualize deadly disease

It is absolutely disgusting that people feel the need to resort to sexualizing a dangerous disease in order to raise awareness of it.

“Save the Tatas,” “I love boobies!” and “save second base” are all sayings people have grown accustomed to hearing during the month of October, which happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Texas' poor educational standards worsened by inaccurate textbooks

Texas is not exactly known for having the best test scores, the highest academic standards or the greatest educational programs.

As a Texan, it is easy to disagree. From a nationwide viewpoint, Texas does not have the best reputation in regards to education, and with reasonable cause. This is exceptionally problematic because many of the textbooks that get approved for use in Texas are used in schools all over the country. This, in turn, creates not only a misinformed state but also a misinformed nation.

Sexual assault victims neglected on college campuses nationwide

Eighty-five colleges across the country are currently under federal investigation because of sexual assault cases.

According to the Washington Post, the number of colleges under investigation is actually 50 percent higher than it was back in May. Even more astounding is the lack of action taking place to solve these sexual assault cases. Eight of the cases mentioned are 3 or more years old. This fact only solidifies the argument that many universities do not see sexual assault as a serious offense.

Some issues still important even when not trending

Kony 2012, the Trayvon Martin case, the missiles flying between Palestine and Israel, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Ferguson are just a few of the major events that have blown up in the media over the last couple of years. 

#FirstWorldProblems insensitive toward disadvantaged people

The running joke “First World Problems” has created a greater sense of entitlement among American citizens.

Before you begin a #NotAllAmericans hashtag, let me just say that I am not referring to all Americans but rather to those who are well-accustomed to the ever-present #FirstWorldProblems tag. I cannot even say that I am just referring to American youth. I have seen far too many adults stooping down to the same level as many children and young adults carelessly and insensitively using the hashtag.

Feminism unrightfully given bad reputation, negative connotation

Man-hater, extremist and sexist are all terms inaccurately associated with the word feminist.

Often, when a woman describes herself as a feminist to her peers she is met with scorn and disgust. Men mock her and call her names, while many women look at her like she is crazy. Often times in both scenarios she will receive questions about why she hates men or what man hurt her to make her this way.

Dining halls should implement calorie-counting aids

Anyone who has ever been a college student will say that counting calories while going to school seems impossible.

College students don’t exactly have the best reputation for eating right. As a matter of fact, college students are notorious for the exact opposite. Eating unhealthy foods, such as ramen and pizza, have become stereotypical of college students’ daily life. Everyone knows of the struggle to eat right while having to pay tuition, if not through experience, then at least by hearing it through others.

Xenophobia poses problem among United States citizens

Xenophobia is present in everyday life, yet very few know what it is.

Xenophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of people from different cultures. This phobia is visible in multiple aspects of the everyday life as an American, particularly in the lives of people of color.


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