Nabil Hourani

Google DeepMind wave of the future

People should not fear advancements in artificial intelligence or fall back on the "I watched I, Robot" criticism.

In 2014 Google purchased DeepMind, one of the most premier artificial intelligence (AI) companies. This is a huge step forward in developing some of the most sophisticated AI machines society has ever seen.

Lane splitting law will not provide safety, traffic improvements

A bill is being reviewed by the Texas legislature to allow lane splitting to be a legal traffic maneuver for motorcyclists.

Senate Bill 442 has good intentions to help the safety of motorcyclists and ease congestion of traffic. Ultimately though, it will not significantly help either of these things. It will just create road rage issues for drivers and increase fear of hitting a motorcycle while switching lanes in slow traffic.

Loosening water restrictions would intensify drought

 San Marcos officials are currently considering loosening the water usage restriction laws. This is an idea residents should not support. Instead they should be taking action to conserve as much water as possible.

Droughts have been plaguing Texas in recent years. Weakening San Marcos' drought restrictions will put residents in the wrong mindset—that it’s okay to overuse water in these years of severe drought.

Talk It Out: The United States should not provide Ukraine with arms

The United States should not send arms to Ukraine as an aid against Russia in the ongoing conflict spawning from the Crimean crisis in 2014.

It has been almost a year since the conflict for control over the Crimean Peninsula began. Russia has been the stronger force in the conflict, annexing Crimea away from Ukraine as well as deploying soldiers throughout other parts of Ukraine.

Using celebrities cheap plot to promote baseless advertising

While advertising has proven to be very lucrative for many famous figures, the use of these celebrities comes off as a cheap ploy, and the costs may be greater than the rewards.

Televised advertising has come a long way from its beginnings with the invention of television. A great deal of psychological marketing research is involved in studying the most effective kind of advertising to cement loyal customers.

Savings accounts should be opened for students at a young age

The United States is known as the “Land of the Free,” yet the cost of a college education is steadily increasing, and many things are far from free.

One of the greatest disadvantages facing students when it comes time to graduate high school is the inability to move on to college to continue their educational endeavors. The reasons for this educational hindrance often have nothing to do with their level of intellect or work ethic. Instead the educational obstacle is due to not having enough money to pay for college tuition.

'Anonymous' true voice in social activism, not just computer hackers

The online activist group Anonymous has made headlines several times over the last decade or so for its use of online hacking to promote social activism, or hacktivism.

Many of these hackings carried out by Anonymous are against groups or government entities most people would agree have caused social injustices. Still, the question of whether Anonymous is an ethical group for invading people's Internet privacy can certainly be raised.

New England “Deflatriots” should be punished for Deflategate scandal

The world of professional football is in the midst of controversy, once again involved with the New England Patriots.

During the recent AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, officials checked 12 footballs during halftime and reportedly found 11 of them did not have enough air pressure according to league standards. This controversy sparked a social media storm, and dubbed the “Deflatriots” with their new nickname.

Global warming not a hoax

The division between the group of people who believe in climate change and those who do not seems to be worsening. 

Global warming has entered the realm of intense discussion and debate in both the scientific and political communities. The questions of whether climate change is really happening, if this climate change is caused by human actions and what the repercussions may be all seem to have triggered a schism.

U.S. will benefit from improved relations with Cuba

In December, President Barack Obama announced the decision to overhaul the U.S. relations policy with Cuba.

The countries have not had diplomatic relations in five decades, and many wonder what the potential benefits and repercussions that could occur with renewed relations will be.

Interestingly enough, it was Pope Francis who pushed for meetings and improved communication between the countries. Many feel having the Pope play a role in encouraging healthy relations between the countries has been vital in making Obama and Raul Castro finally able to hold meetings.


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