Jeffrey Bradshaw

Rainbows and bleach do not mix

Hollywood has once again taken a historical movie and inserted an unnecessary white person.

Stonewall, in theaters Sept. 25, tells the story of a young man in the months leading up to the historic riots. For those not in the know, the Stonewall Riots were the beginning of the gay rights movement or, more broadly, the start of the LGBTQIA equality movement in 1969. The first pride parade was held following these riots, and people of the LGBTQIA community were no longer forced to live in the closet. 

Houston deserves a H.E.R.O.

The city of Houston’s H.E.R.O.may have just met its kryptonite—Texas-brand conservatism.

H.E.R.O. is an acronym that stands for Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. This ordinance was passed by the Houston City Council and will make discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity illegal in the city.

Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign, Texas deserves better

Attorney General Ken Paxton has recently been indicted on three felony accounts and the state is in an uproar. Paxton is still in office, bringing shame to Texas and our legislature. It is time he packed his bags and left the capitol. 

Local elections on the horizon, students should take notice

It is the same spiel every year and it is always true. It mattered in the very first election and it matters for every subsequent one—exercising the right to vote, especially at the local level, should be a priority for everyone.

This year San Marcos will hold city council elections for Place 5 and Place 6. San Marcos has city council elections every year. Every year they are important, yet often ignored.

Campus carry bill headed to Governor Abbott's desk despite dissent

The Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 11 (SB 11) by a vote of 98 to 47. The bill would allow concealed-carry license owners to bring their guns on college campuse if passed.

The ensuing disaster will be the undoing of Texas’ gun-obsessed culture.

Equality should be no-brainer, not discussion

The Texas government has tried to stifle the progression of equality and found itself on the wrong side of history, again. Cue the shock and horror.

Texas State should institute designated areas for smokers

Smoking cigarettes is deadly, and secondhand smoke is almost as bad.

It may seem that campus smoking bans are the answer. However, taking something away from people only makes them want it more.

Many students have walked out of a building only to be greeted with a wave of terrible-smelling smoke. Granted, it’s not at every entrance, but it’s still a harsh surprise whenever that scent wafts into your nose.

Bigger buildings would mean better business

Government always finds a way to insert itself into people’s lives.

For example, here in downtown San Marcos, buildings cannot be higher than four stories or 45 feet, according to the San Marcos City Code of Ordinances.

Racism persistent issue among Greek organizations

For once the proverbial rug has nothing pushed under it, and University of Oklahoma President David Boren has made sure of that.

On March 7 a video emerged of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity at the University of Oklahoma reciting a racist chant on a bus while driving to a party. Once this video emerged, Boren moved swiftly in dealing with these students.

Faces of US currency need change

American money might be green, but all I see is white.

As it stands, there are only white men on the paper currency of the United States. It is about time this changes.


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