Christian Penichet-Paul

New manager can bring needed change to campus dining

Chartwells’ new leader at Texas State must make important adjustments to the university’s dining services in order to provide a higher level of assistance to students.

University must reconsider plan to outsource custodians

Despite a plan already in progress to outsource all of the university’s custodial services, Texas State officials need to reconsider their strategy and keep the staff employed by the institution.

The university has built a beneficial relationship with its custodians over the years by offering extensive support and benefits packages for the employees. However, according to a Nov. 27, 2012 University Star article, Texas State has started the process of outsourcing its custodial positions to Houston-based McLemore Building Maintenance, Inc.

Campus parking rules hinder studies, student activities after hours

The Texas State parking system must be reformed to provide students with the possibility to park on campus and avoid fines after 5 p.m. without necessarily purchasing a permit.

Cruz should compromise across aisles to benefit students

Ted Cruz, the newly sworn-in U.S. senator from Texas, must consider the idea of compromise as a correct method in the representation of Texas State students.

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