Elise Laird

Tram drivers discuss bus route experiences

The Texas State Bobcat Tram hissed and popped as it idled by the side of the curb at Campus Loop. 

Guy Douglas, economics senior, was behind the wheel of an “El Dorado,” the most common type of tram operated by Texas State Transportation Services. He wore a maroon polo and a fluorescent yellow vest, ready to begin his 3:05 p.m. Tuesday shift.

The life of a Bobcat Tram driver can have its ups and downs, he said. While he’s had plenty of pleasant riders, some don’t understand the rules of the road when it comes to driving the huge vehicles. 

Visiting climatologist talks global warming

During her childhood in Canada, Katharine Hayhoe’s grandmother would sneak into her bedroom and cover the girl with an extra blanket for warmth.

The extra blankets were often unnecessary. This experience, Hayhoe said, is comparable to what humans have done to the planet.

“It already has the perfect blanket, and we’re putting an extra blanket on it by producing too much carbon dioxide,” Hayhoe said.

Hayhoe is a research associate professor of atmospheric sciences and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. She spoke to a crowd Wednesday in the Sac-N-Pac Room of Bobcat Stadium as part of Texas State’s Ed Cape Seminar.

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