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University diversity grows alongside enrollment increase

The diversity of Texas State has increased with enrollment growth this fall.

University enrollment this fall semester is at an all-time high with 36,790 students, according to data from Institutional Research. Diversity goes hand in hand with enrollment growth and is on the rise, said Michael Heintze, associate vice president for Enrollment Management and Marketing. For 17 consecutive years, the university has seen record enrollment, and with that has come an increase in Hispanic and African-American students.

“I think we reflect the state’s diversity, and that’s how it should be,” Heintze said.

Faculty Senate discusses going digital with course evaluations

University officials are advocating for end-of-course evaluations to be moved online.

For the past five years, students have filled out the end-of-course evaluations on physical Scantrons. However, certain members of the Texas State University Faculty Senate are pushing for the biannual evaluations to be done online and no longer with pencil and paper, said Susan Weill, associate professor of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

“I am pushing for the change in format of evaluation forms,” Weill said. “I am on the faculty senate, and I am advocating for it. I just think it’s the way of the future and we ought to do it.”

No detectable lead found in drinking water

Recent sampling tests show no detectable traces of lead in San Marcos drinking water after readings taken Sept. 4 and 8 showed a heightened level.

The city investigated the situation after heightened lead readings were found in five test samples near the Hays County Government Center.

Tests from the six water samples taken on Sept. 4 showed lead readings in three.

San Marcos ran four rounds of water sampling at six different sites and Sept. 10, after flushing contaminated water service lines, they discovered no detectible lead levels, said Tom Taggart, executive director of public services.

San Marcos High School stadium not complete in time for season

Rattler Stadium will not be finished in time for what was supposed to be San Marcos High School’s first home game.

The high school will have to use Bobcat Stadium one more time.  The new stadium was meant to be finished by late August, but weather delayed construction, said Mark Soto, head football coach and athletic director.

“Basically what we had was a 14-month project squeezed into 10 months, and then we had 20 bad weather days,” Soto said.

New Recruitment process aims to diversity

Fraternities are now undertaking a new, year-round 365 Recruitment process to promote increased diversity.

The newly implemented recruitment process gives students rushing fraternities the chance to develop a better relationship with members and ultimately join, said Robert Dudolski, assistant Dean of Students. Diversity of recruitment and overall numbers will improve through the new system, he said.

“We have a fairly large diversity population (outside the multicultural fraternities),” Dudolski said. “Texas State has all kinds of students, and I think we reflect that with men of all races and different makeups and backgrounds. You don't have to be Hispanic or African American to join the multicultural fraternities, and the same goes with the other fraternities.”

Stadium seating to be reserved for Greek students

Texas State Athletics, in collaboration with Greek Affairs, plans to reserve a section of seats at Bobcat Stadium during football games for students in sororities and fraternities.

Approximately 420 seats in section 111 of the stadium, rows six through 22, will be sectioned off under the new plan. The seats will be released to the general public if not filled by kickoff. Non-Greek students can sit in the section if accompanied by Greek students, said Bryan Miller, director of Athletic Marketing and Promotions.

San Marcos hosts Water Ski National Championships

San Marcos played host to the 2014 GOODE Water Ski National Championships this summer, bringing over 600 competitors from across the nation.

The 72nd annual GOODE Water Ski National Championships took place at the San Marcos River Ranch Aug. 11-16. The ranch was chosen to hold the event after winning the bid to host, according to the U.S. Water Ski website. Skiers competed against each other in the categories of slalom, tricks, jumps and overall performance.

Competitors ranging in ages from five to 86 from all over the nation attended to watch or compete.

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