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Q&A with Shane Scott, Place 6 city council incumbent


San Marcos City Council elections are quickly approaching. The University Star sat down with Place 6 candidate Shane Scott to discuss his campaign.

Born: December 9, 1966, Kingman, Arizona

Occupation: City councilman, filmmaker, owner of Porsche shop German Elite

Education: B.A. in Criminal Justice from then-called Southwest Texas University


Anna Herod: Where do you call home and why?

New Braunfels man arrested in band practice pellet gun shooting


New Braunfels police arrested William Henry Kloss Thursday afternoon for being involved in a pellet gun shooting at the city’s high school band practice.

The incident resulted in the minor injury of two students, according to a safety notice sent to parents by Superintendent Randy Moczygemba Wednesday. The injured students did not require medical attention.

Police said they believe the shots were fired from a pellet gun based off of evidence found in the band’s practice parking lot, where the shooting occurred. Upon further investigation, officers determined the pellets were fired from a house on Ohio Avenue.

According to the police report, a warrant was obtained by law enforcement and Kloss was arrested based on evidence found in the house.

New Braunfels ISD issues safety notice to parents


Police presence will be increased during New Braunfels High School’s band practices in the coming days after shots were fired.

A series of pops were heard by faculty and students at the Sept. 22 marching band practice. According to a letter sent home to parents by Superintendent Randy Moczygemba, the incident resulted in two students being struck by items belonging to either a BB gun or a pellet gun.

Moczygemba said the shooting occurred at approximately 7:20 p.m. in the band practice parking lot. The situation resulted in minor injuries for the students who were struck, but no medical attention was necessary.

The New Braunfels Police Department will increase its presence at band practices in the coming days, according to the letter.

Acclaimed film director speaks at Distinguished Lecture series


Students and faculty packed Evans Auditorium Wednesday evening to listen to critically acclaimed screenwriter, film director and producer Robert Rodriguez deliver a speech for the Lyndon Baines Johnson Distinguished Lecture series. 

Rodriguez’s lecture was the first in an LBJ speaker series as part of this year’s theme “Bridged Through Stories: Shared Heritage of the United States and Mexico, an Homage to Dr. Tomás Rivera.”

This year’s Common Experience was named after Tomás Rivera, Texas State alumnus of the class of 1958. Rivera was recognized nationally as an author of Chicano literature and served as an educator until his passing in 1984.

Finding the perfect cup of joe in San Marcos


Instant human! Just add coffee.

Whether you call it an unhealthy dependence or a harmless indulgence, this caffeine-coated slogan is the mantra for countless college students.

College towns often have an abundance of coffeehouses and San Marcos is no exception. With such a broad selection of coffee destinations to choose from, San Martians can confidently navigate their way around the coffee scene by considering what some of the top shops have to offer. Here are my top picks for where to find the best brew in town.


1.      Starbucks on campus, LBJ Student Center and Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC) Cafe locations

City council candidate visits College Democrats on campus


Scott Gregson, Place 5 city council candidate, attended Wednesday’s College Democrats meeting bearing pizza, campaign T-shirts and a message to deliver to potential voters.

“I just want to inform students who are actively involved in the political process,” Gregson said. “It’s great to see young people that are this active this early on in their life. It’s important for them to get out and express their opinions with their votes.”

Gregson said he is in favor of the master plan the city has adopted because it will promote “consistent development” and attract those willing to spend money.

“I’m always amazed to see the innovativeness of young minds that come out of this university,” Gregson said.

Hays County officials consider FEMA floodplain map adoption


Hundreds of Hays County residents may soon have to purchase flood insurance and see the construction standards for structures around them change.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) began releasing updated advisory floodplain maps Aug. 21, which are currently under a yearlong review by county officials.

If county officials adopt the advisory maps, the floodplain will greatly expand along the Blanco River and tributary creeks throughout the southern portion of Hays County—the area most devastated by the Memorial Day weekend flooding.

Concealed carry task force formed in response to campus carry bill


President Denise Trauth has created a 26-member Concealed Carry Task Force in response to the campus carry bill passed in the 84th Legislature.

The group, including four faculty representatives, will begin meeting Sept. 4. Michel Conroy, faculty senate chair, said the task force aims to smoothly and safely integrate the new campus carry legislation onto campus.

Trauth stated in a letter sent to potential task force members that the group will be responsible for gathering relevant student and facilities’ data, staying educated on safety concerns and suggestions from university members.

Conroy said she and three other faculty members have been selected as representatives of the university’s faculty on the task force.

Disabled woman found, ex-boyfriend arrested


San Marcos and San Antonio police located Melody Renfro Aug. 20, 12 days after she went missing.
Police arrested Devend Christopher Bell, a San Antonio man described as Renfro’s ex-boyfriend, after he was found in Bell in his mother’s house on Stone River Road. 

Deadline for FEMA aid approaching


The last day for Central Texas flood victims to register for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following the Memorial Day weekend flooding is tomorrow.
FEMA distributes grants to residents in disaster areas to help rehabilitate those who were left either homeless or in need of home repair following a major flood.


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