Clarissa Luna

Even one man down, alt-J is sticking around

Making an incredible statement with their most recent album, the Grammy-nominated band alt-J have succeeded in finding their way to the top of the charts and to the top of my playlist. “This Is All Yours” is an original, diverse, intriguing roller coaster ride of an album. There are so many different types of sounds and instruments being molded together that it’s mind-blowing. Also, let’s not forget lead singer Joe Newman’s voice. It is no surprise that alt-J is up for a Grammy. They really brought alternative music to a whole new level.

Meet Eko Heights, a band Formed by Texas State Students

Hey everyone, this week I’d like to shed some light on an up-and-coming local band called Eko Heights. They just released their first single on October 7th, called Natalie’s Song, on iTunes, and if you’re in to great acoustics with awesome vocals, this is definitely a song you should go check out.

Swift Should Stick to Country

Usually I am able to tolerate most of Taylor Swift’s music, but this time she has gone too far. Her new single, Shake It Off, is anything but tolerable, and do not get me started on her music video. Sorry for all of you “Swifties” out there. It is not that I dislike Taylor; I just really, really dislike this song. I believe she could have done way better, and after hearing this one, I am a little worried about the rest of her new album, 1989, set to release this October.

No band like Coldplay

There is no other band on this planet like Coldplay. Their soft yet powerful and interesting sound stands uniquely above all others. They have touched the hearts of thousands all over the world. Songs such as Yellow, Paradise, Fix You and their newest, Magic, are, for many people, soul-saver songs. I define soul-saver songs as the music that can get you through the hard times and inspire you every day. It is music that accompanies you through the heartache or loss that we all feel at times with lyrics that speak directly to you. Coldplay has done this for me a numerous amount of times.

Don't Sleep on Young the Giant

So I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I have been really digging this new Young the Giant album. They released Mind Over Matter on January 21, 2014. It was a long four-year stretch since their last album release in October of 2010, titled Young The Giant. Although it has been a while, the band does not show it. All of their new songs are very pleasant and artistic. Sameer Gadhia sounds better than ever with his very distinct vocals, and it doesn’t seem like the rest of the band has skipped a single beat.

Take time to appreciate the greatness of Mac Miller

Anyone else out there a Mac Miller fan? He is a young rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a whole lot of talent and even more heart. Let us take a moment to appreciate just how great this rap star really is. Now, I understand that he’s no Jay-Z or Kanye West yet, but he is really working his way up there. “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” is one of my all-time favorite albums.

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