Xzaviar Allen

Too Extreme

Cigarette commercials should not be so extreme.

Although the harmful effects of cigarette smoke are not exaggerated, modern anti-cigarette campaign advertisements usually pick the worst-case scenarios. To add insult to injury, advertisers plaster the faces of the victims all over television. They may see it as a warning, but these acts can prove themselves annoying scare tactics to smokers.

Lab class structure useless, burdensome

Lab classes need closer evaluation. Although they are meant to provide the student with hands-on experience, some of them are thrown together in such a way that it actually becomes a hindrance. Some lab classes are necessary but are not being taught in a way that both benefits the student and compliments the lecture portion of the class.

Financial aid application process unnecessarily complicated

Financial aid should be easier for students to obtain.

Millions of dollars are poured into student aid funds every year, but receiving just the right amount proves to be one of the most difficult tasks. After all, each student applying for aid is literally racing against thousands of other students who also need aid. If the application process were a bit simpler, receiving financial aid would be a lot less trouble.

Student apartments overly expensive, lacking in quality

The so-called luxury student housing apartment complexes in San Marcos are absolutely ridiculous. There has never been a larger money-sucking pyramid scheme than the idea of student apartments and individual leasing.

People should worry about US, not crises occurring overseas

It is extremely hard to care about an event occurring on another continent.

Honestly, people should not care too much about crises occurring overseas. Some of these events may be driven by economic or religious reasons, emphasizing the locality of the event while eliminating the need for outside interference. There is often extensive news coverage of the affair promoting action and awareness, but there are not many people who can actually help.

Drug screenings not necessary for on-campus, minimum wage jobs

College students applying for on-campus jobs should not have to submit to drug screenings. They do not seem necessary considering the fact that a large part of these positions are fairly simple in terms of their required tasks. A great resume should be reason enough for any work-study job.

Ferguson situation proves racism still rampant in United States

The death of Michael Brown proves that it is still unsafe for black men in America. Although his untimely death was a recent incident, it serves as a continuation of the constant harassment and abuse of the African American people, particularly the black male, at the hands of those appointed to protect and serve.

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