#Bobcat411- Hide and Seek with a side of Salsa Dancing

The #Bobcat411 crew Britton Richter, lifestyle editor, Nicole Barrios, editor-in-chief, and Cameron Cutshall, managing editor, discuss the slate of upcoming events in San Marcos including Salsa dancing and live music around the town.


The University Star Sports Podcast- Taking Care of Business

Host Quixem Ramirex, sports editor, and Paul Livengold, sports reporter, preview the upcoming match ups in Texas State athletics.


Talk it Out - Vegetarianism

Host Imani McGarrell, opinions editor, joins Kirsten Peek, opinions columnist, and Rivers Wright, opinions columnist, to discuss differing views on Vegetarianism.


The University Star Sports Podcast- Let the Madness Begin

Host Quixem Ramirez, sports editor, and Matt Gurevitz, sports reporter, catch up on the previous weekend in Texas State athletics. The men's basketball team is currently on a two game winning streak and is eying the seventh seed in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament. The women's basketball team defeated the Arkansas State Red wolves for the first time in four match ups and is competing for the fourth and fifth seed in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament.


The Black Perspective : Gentrification and AAVE

On the final episode of A Community of Culture- The Black Perspective, host Brandon Sams joins Imani McGarrell and Sierra Holmes as they talk about gentrification and African American vernacular english.

Inside the Newsroom- Guns and Bananas

On this episode of Inside the Newsroom, host Rey Leanos Jr., Sarah Duran, Kelsey Bradshaw and Carlie Porterfield discuss the impact of campus carry and the effect it may have on Texas State's campus.


#Bobcat411- Bar-B-Q, Pizza and Tacos

On this episode of #Bobcat411, host Britton Richter, lifestyle editor, Mariah Simank, assistant lifestyle editor, and Cameron Cutshall, managing editor, talk about local places to eat in San Marcos such as AJ's BBQ, Pie Society and Herbert's Taco Hut.


Talk It Out- Sexism and Video Games

Brandon Sams, assistant opinions editor, hosts the newest edition of Talk It Out. In this episode, Madison Teague and Bryant Trevino discuss opposing views on the prominence of sexism in video games.


Inside the Newsroom - The Freedom to Eat Tacos

On this episode of Inside the Newsroom, Kelsey Bradshaw, Carlie Porterfield, Rey Leanos Jr. and Sarah Duran discuss the week's headlines. The group covers topics ranging from the free speech zone to the opening of Torchy's Tacos and the Calaboose Museum.


The Black Perspective: White Supremacy and Reverse Racism

Host Imani Mcgarrell, opinions editor, joins Brandon Sams, assistant opinions editor and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in a new edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss issues such as white supremacy and reverse racism in the black community.