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Proposed tourist fee for the river ineffective plan

Making tourists pay a fee to enjoy a natural resource is a ridiculous, unrealistic proposal that does more harm than good to the community.  

Melissa Derrick, Place 6 city council candidate, proposed that San Marcos officials pass an ordinance to require non-residents to pay a $10 fee to enjoy the river. The main problem with the plan is the absence of a unified San Marcos identification or database. Therefore, there is no way to guarantee  residents and non-residents will be accurately differentiated.

Choose responsible alternatives to partying and drinking

People envision parties and binge drinking when they think of college, as though these activities are inevitable in the collegiate experience. 

I am here to say that this is not true. Responsible fun is just as enticing. 

College is what you make it, and people can have a wonderful, fulfilling time without going to parties and overindulging in alcohol. It is unfortunate some assume that drinking and partying are an inescapable fact of life for college students.

Motorcyclists' lack of safety in Texas

Whether someone is riding a motorcycle, ATV or moped, not wearing a helmet is one of the most dangerous and inane things the individual can do.  

Not only is the lack of head protection putting your life in complete danger, but contrary to how you think you look, it makes everyone who fails to secure their cranium appear completely stupid.

This is why Apple products suck

Apple sucks, plain and simple.

While Apple’s iOS system is one of the most popular mobile running systems in the world, many Apple consumers illegally jailbreak their devices to gain features Android users already have.

Apple has had eight chances to improve its mobile interface and give new and old users useful and fresh features.

Pink tax proves women are still unequal

It is time companies put an end to pink tax and stop charging women more than men for the same product.

Pink tax is gender pricing where products targeted to women are priced higher than the male equivalent. This discrimination against women is prevalent on a national level, and must be put to an end.

Women, girls should never feel inadequate

The Emmys aired on Sept. 20 and it was quite the night for women. Unfortunately, it was only a novelty. The proper representation and appreciation of women in media is a thing we all need a little bit more of.

'Healthy at every size' movement spreads unhealthy mindset

Most of the world's population currently lives in countries where weight-related issues kill more people than starvation does.

Over 300,000 people die from obesity every year in America alone. We are dealing with an epidemic, not some small, oppressed minority fighting for equal rights.

Nicole Arbour made headlines recently with her scathing comedy video entitled “Dear Fat People.” While I do not agree with everything she says, many of the critiques hold weight.

Police brutality not just a black problem

It is important that we acknowledge all lives lost to law enforcers.

Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray have garnered major media attention, but many other cases of police brutality against minorities can fall to the wayside.

Police and law enforcement officials are employed to uphold the law and protect this country’s citizens. How are minorities or any individuals in this country supposed to feel safe when there are cases like Antonio Zombrano-Montes and Sureshbhai Patel’s occurring all across the country?

Adding a deaf section to Bobcat Stadium good idea for university

A new season of football has begun at Texas State, but this year the football experience will mean a lot more to a specific group of students: the deaf.

Bobcat Stadium will now have a specific section for hearing-impaired students to enjoy the game and all the thrills just as much as everyone else. The addition of a section for deaf fans at Bobcat Stadium is probably the most exciting university-related announcement I have heard since classes started. The section, which is located on the 35-yard line, will seat up to 1,000 fans.

Hands off my lovely lady lumps

It is never OK for anyone to put their hands on a woman’s body, no matter her size. My body is not a commodity for mass consumption.

While there may be an influx of women who work in politics, own their own businesses or support their families by themselves, what everyone around these ladies seems to be concerned with is bra size or how big their butt appears in shorts.