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A modest removal: women should eliminate female parts

Women’s bodies are constantly scrutinized with extreme specifity.

Tenure should benefit students, not just professors

Terrible professors are a plague to higher education and a shameful waste of private and public funding.

Terrible tenured professors put students at risk, lowering their quality of education. One of the biggest incentives for professors to work hard at their jobs is the opportunity of gaining a tenured position. However, once the goal is achieved, these tenured professors can become more of a nuisance than a blessing.

Disaster strikes, time to grow up

Amidst a disaster of unprecedented proportions, one would imagine people would act civilly, with concern and compassion. Those people underestimate the grand self-importance of young college kids.

Disaster hit big-time in San Marcos over Memorial Day Weekend. To the shock and awe of absolutely no one, stupidity hit just as quickly and just as hard. Social media was abuzz with the typical invincible clamoring of pesky and narcissistic wannabe adults.

Equality should be no-brainer, not discussion

The Texas government has tried to stifle the progression of equality and found itself on the wrong side of history, again. Cue the shock and horror.

Proposed river legislation may do more harm than good

San Marcos is known for the beautiful river running through it.

Protecting the condition of the San Marcos River and the safety of the people who enjoy it is important. However, the Texas Senate’s recently proposed legislation has the potential to do more harm than good.

On May 12 the Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 234 (SB 234), which is designed to improve safety and enjoyment on the San Marcos River. Currently, the bill is awaiting House approval. While this bill would improve safety, it would not improve the main purpose of the river—enjoyment.

Things to do in San Marcos before graduation

Visit the campus statues

The various statues on campus are entrenched in Bobcat tradition and culture. Before students take their final steps on campus, they should make sure to shake LBJ’s hand and rub the fighting stallions one last time.


Hike at Purgatory Creek

Death penalty not acceptable form of justice

The acts of terrorism known as the Boston marathon bombings took place on April 15, 2013.

Much pain and anger is still felt by those who lost loved ones and possessions to the bombings, even two years later.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of 30 charges, including murder, in the first phase of his trial. The second phase, which will determine if he receives the death penalty, started on April 21. During this trial, some of the victims and their families demanded his death.

Rent guarantors unnecessary, stressful for students

Today is the day. They’ve spent all morning rehearsing their speeches, mulling over the countless, inevitable questions. Have they missed anything? They know their efforts are futile, but they have to try. They pause. A sense of overwhelming disappointment consumes them. Today is the day they are going to beg their parents to be their guarantors…again. Silently, they pick up the rental agreement forms and reluctantly close the door.

Government involvement crucial for students

The time is now for students and young people to take back their future and make their voices heard.

Texas students have visited the state capitol to share their opinions on key issues such as immigration, concealed carry laws and healthcare districts in disadvantaged counties. Students got involved by going to Senate and House sessions and testifying on bill hearings and proposals.

Bruce Jenner ‘trans’cends barriers, aims to inspire others

Bravo to Bruce Jenner for knocking down barriers and transcending expectations by finally being true to who he is after 65 years of living in an internal hell.