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Freedom of expression important note in flag debate

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.

The key difference is that ignorance simply implies lack of awareness about a subject, while stupidity conveys the inability of a person to understand something due to inadequate intelligence. Stupidity thus leads to the misinterpretation of a fact. Clinging to the Confederate flag is the definition of stupidity, but people have a right to freely express that stupidity.

Good riddance Confederate flag, we hardly knew you

After the racist terrorist attack on the historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church that left nine innocent civilians dead, the debate over the legitimacy of the Confederate flag begun anew.

Call white supremacy by its name—terrorism

Tragedy struck the black community again in what seems like an endless fury of racial dehumanization and systematic violence—violence that took the lives of nine innocent civilians for no other reason than the fact of being born black in an all too often anti-black world.

This was an act of terror and as a country it needs to be questioned, indicted and convicted for what it was: racism, white supremacy and yes Fox News, terrorism.

Battle for marriage equality won, but the fight continues

Ding, dong the witch is dead. All the bans against same-sex marriage have officially sounded the wedding bells as nationwide same-sex marriage is no longer a fantasy, but a reality and boy does it feel good.

Care of San Marcos River should be added to curriculum

While the San Marcos River is heralded as a place for fun and a little R&R for Bobcats after a stressful week, the river is so much more than a place for debauchery and cruising.

Bobcats need a course in River 101 to know its exact importance. It is not just a mere suggestion that students, the primary benefactors of the river’s recreation, seek to keep it clean and protected.

Copyright laws limit artistic expression, progression

The evolution of human beings continues in every aspect of our existence. As a natural instinct we have adapted to physical and mental change as we see fit. Throughout history we have shaped and advanced our society with our creative touch. The influence for that very creative touch has been slowly coming to an end as copyright laws readily seek to halt expression and limit the creative touch of those that seek to provide artistic progression.

People should stray from critiquing other's bodies

Another summer has arrived with another set of unrealistic expectations for the average person to get toned and lose the weight gained over the winter.

As cliché as it might sound, everyone should embrace themselves for who they are and how they look.

Blue Bell will undoubtedly make comeback despite setbacks

The South’s favorite ice cream distributor, Blue Bell Creameries, recently got themselves into a world of trouble after an outbreak of the potentially deadly listeria organism cost the lives of three consumers and left seven in the hospital.

Campus carry bill headed to Governor Abbott's desk despite dissent

The Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 11 (SB 11) by a vote of 98 to 47. The bill would allow concealed-carry license owners to bring their guns on college campuse if passed.

The ensuing disaster will be the undoing of Texas’ gun-obsessed culture.

Students must assist community post Memorial Day weekend flooding

Hell has come to Hays County in the form of the leading cause of weather-related deaths, and we are all reeling in the aftermath.

The historic Memorial Day weekend flash floods that devastated Hays County have captivated the media and even drew the attention of the president himself. On May 30, President Barack Obama declared the state of Texas a disaster area due to the Memorial Day weekend floods that shattered the community and left calamity in their wake.