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Local elections on the horizon, students should take notice

It is the same spiel every year and it is always true. It mattered in the very first election and it matters for every subsequent one—exercising the right to vote, especially at the local level, should be a priority for everyone.

This year San Marcos will hold city council elections for Place 5 and Place 6. San Marcos has city council elections every year. Every year they are important, yet often ignored.

Students must graduate with experience, not just a sheet of paper

Every parent, teacher and former student will give you the same advice: buy your books, go to class, take notes, do homework and study.

This is all great advice for graduating with your choice degree, but basic advice lends itself to basic results and students will not stand out from the pack if they succumb to the bare minimums.

The future belongs to millenials

Being in the millennial generation is often an exciting time for those who were born after 1985.

Owning businesses, breaking world records and becoming fashion icons are some of the accomplishments of this young generation. Yet as part of this digitally crazed, so-called “selfie-obsessed” group, finding yourself may interfere with finding a satisfying job.

Saving money does not have to come at a price

Thriftiness, when employed resourcefully, does not have to become a burden for students hoping to save some extra cash during the taxing school year.

Penny-pinching can be challenging when going back to school. The luminescent glow of store lights seems to shine brighter and more appealing, making shoppers want to shop. I know all too well avoiding the ever-present pressure to spend money can be difficult, even for the most diligent of savers.

ACT, SAT scores are meaningless

The SAT and ACT test have been long wrought with criticisms that they are biased and pointless to a student’s actual continued success.

George Washington University has become the latest and largest university to denounce SAT and ACT test in their admissions process. Instead, they are going for a holistic view of a student’s progress, abilities and drive. This is the wave of the future for standardized testing.

Right-wing conspiracy against Planned Parenthood baseless

Planned Parenthood has made national headlines as right-wing “activists” have tried to discredit, dissuade and destroy a much-needed service for women and children of low socio-economic status.

The intent of their “investigation” is obvious: shame, vilify and ultimately defund the non-profit organization. However, the outcome has exposed the deceitful depths to which some conservatives will go in order to secure a victory in their ever-losing culture wars.

San Marcos should adopt 'Don't Block the Box' initiative

The “Don’t Block the Box” initiative gaining traction in Austin should be implemented in San Marcos.

It is easy to do and would make a difference regarding San Marcos’ ever increasing population.

On March 27 city officials in Austin unveiled their plan to reduce traffic congestion and jams with their “Don’t Block the Box” initiative. A car ‘blocks the box’ by obstructing an intersection and preventing people from crossing. While it is illegal in Texas, enforcement has been lax at best until now.

More than one person can be courageous

Courage comes in many forms. It can be seen on the front lines of our armed forces or in the face of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce), on the cover of Vanity Fair.

This year, ESPN honored Jenner’s form of courage by awarding her with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award after her courageous decision to come out as a transgender woman. Even though the world is becoming more open-minded daily—notably in the recent landmark decision allowing same-sex marriage—transgenderism is something people are having a hard time grasping.

New $10 bill design good step for equality, needs improvement

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has made the exciting announcement that the newly redesigned $10 bill, featuring a woman, will be revealed in 2020—the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote.

While the future currency change is certainly a necessary step for equality, the U.S. bill has a long way to go before truly exemplifying an all-inclusive identity. Victoria Smith, associate English professor, suggests an entire overhaul.

Summer shuttle hours inadequate, expansion necessary

Being stranded at a bus stop is more than just an irritating inconvenience: It is an interview missed, a baby shower unattended, another disappointed look from your parents after a regrettable phone call, an instant anxiety attack, a desperate call to a friend and a valued job now lost.

Like many of my fellow Bobcats, I depend on the university shuttle bus as a primary mode of transportation to and from school. As an enrolled summer school student, I was shocked to discover that the summer transportation service arrangements were anything but effective.