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New gun laws up safety concerns

Guns and gun control have been at the center of media frenzies, riots and debates nationwide with people asking for stricter laws and more accountability for their misuse.

In order to insure a safer environment and society, stricter—not more lenient—gun laws are necessary.

Unfortunately, proponents of gun safety will not be able to breathe any easier any time soon with Senate Bill 11 (SB 11), or campus carry, on its way to taking effect next year. When SB 11 takes effect, students and random people will be allowed to walk around campus with a licensed, concealed handgun.

Unveiling Ashley Madison unlawful invasion of privacy

The recent member identities leak of the controversial dating site Ashley Madison is heralded as a major exposure of adulterers and philanderers, but it brings to light important concerns of privacy.

Freshmen may be starting next year with a bang

School is back in session and that means a lot of things, especially for incoming freshmen. Many tips and tricks for how to succeed in college fill this paper, but university is not all tailgates and frat parties. Big changes are coming, and they affect underclassmen directly.

Texas recently signed Senate Bill 11 (SB11), otherwise known as the campus carry bill, into effect. This law allows students with a concealed handgun license to carry the weapon onto college campuses, so long as they are concealed.

Bobcats should avoid uber, safety hazard

Recently, college students everywhere have been enthusing over the transportation service called Uber. The convenience of using the Uber app to reserve a ride coupled with the low rates they offer makes using Uber a college kid’s dream, right? Wrong.

I have never personally used Uber—not only because I am cheap, but also because I have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds. Regardless, I took it upon myself to come up with reasons why Uber is a lot more dangerous than it is portrayed.

Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign, Texas deserves better

Attorney General Ken Paxton has recently been indicted on three felony accounts and the state is in an uproar. Paxton is still in office, bringing shame to Texas and our legislature. It is time he packed his bags and left the capitol. 

College campuses should promote debate, do away with "safe spaces"

Everyone desires a place to feel safe, surrounded by happy thoughts and similar opinions. However, universities in their very essence are—and should always be—the exact opposite.

College campuses are a hodgepodge of different people, religions, backgrounds and opinions. The beauty of higher education is that it surrounds students with ideas that challenge their current worldviews.

Welcome to Texas State!

Welcome to Texas State, Bobcats! We know the hills can be intimidating and the construction confusing, so we made this handy map to help you navigate campus. The first day of school can be a stressful experience so having a game plan for where you’re going should help allieviate the stress. Strap on your most comfortable pair of shoes and tackle today head on. Eat ‘em up, cats!

Tinder app worth a try, deserves better reputation

Tinder is revolutionary and a great way to interact with people. From future friends, to relationships or even just potential hook-ups—people should not be so quick to write it off.

It may be personal bias, but Tinder is great for meeting new people—especially in a college town setting. Though a certain degree of disapproval is to be expected from something geared towards young adults, Tinder is not a stranger to legitimate criticism.

Internet addiction is real, time to act

The Internet has turned into the heroin of the 21st century. It is the flavor of the month, the drug of choice, the addiction a mass of people just cannot seem to shake. Internet addiction is a real thing, and the unsettling reliance on technology has led to some serious problems in society.

Back to school: how-to's for a great fall semester

1. Be conscious of your environment.

San Marcos, like most of Texas is a very humid place. While summer may officially end in August, the heat does not dissipate until October. Wearing sensible, weather-specific clothing will go a long way, especially on those unbearable days where the heat can knock out even the toughest of summer-lovers. Bringing water is important to keep students from fainting on the overabundance of stairs due to exhaustion.


2. Utilize campus resources.