Inside The Lines: Ali Myers


Sports Reporter

After winning the Most Athletic Female award while attending Clements High School in Sugar Land, junior midfielder Ali Myers knew she was destined to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Myers won the award while taking her team to the third round of the 2011 playoffs and was named 23-5A All-District Offensive Most Valuable Player by the Houston Chronicle.

“Growing up I was always active, and I pretty much played every sport,” Myers said. “My sister played soccer, so playing sports rubbed off on me.”

Myers’ sister, who is three years older than her, also played soccer. Myers said she looked up to and learned from her sister as her soccer career molded into what it is today.

“Everything I learned was from her,” Myers said. “We would always go in our backyard and play all day with my dad.”

Along with her sister, Myers’ parents were always there to support her burgeoning sports career. She knew they had her back, whether it was playing in the backyard or supporting her through the tough times.

“I would definitely say my parents supported me,” Myers said. “Especially through the tough times, being there to encourage me to be better was great.”

Not only did she play for her high school team, she played for the Eclipse Soccer Club under Coach Mac McCallum. McCallum coached Myers for six years and knew her game well when she left her club team for the next level.

“Ali was very relaxed while playing,” McCallum said. “She was intense and really enjoyed being out there on the field competing.”

At 5 feet 7 inches, Myers has the height to jump up and use her head rather than her feet when the chance comes. McCallum said knowing when to use her head turned the skill into one of Myers’ best.

“Ali is very good in the air,” McCallum said. “Being tall, she was able to use her head and make plays that other couldn’t with the head.” 

Myers is known as “Ali Cat,” a name she picked up from her dad when she first started playing soccer. Having more than one Ali on the club team, the coaches quickly picked up on this name and began calling her “Ali Cat.”

“My dad called me that (Ali Cat), my coaches noticed, and it stuck ever since,” Myers said. “We also had another girl named Ali Fischer, and they would call her ‘Fish’ and call me ‘Cat.’ We had a bunch of girls on the team with animal nicknames, so it just stuck.”

At a young age, Myers had a dream of playing soccer at the collegiate level.

“I played club soccer since I was 11, and it was always competitive,” Myers said. “It was always a dream of mine to play at the college level. When I was in high school I went to a lot of college games and always looked up to the girls playing.”

This year, Myers has started every game with the exception of two. She has an on-goal shooting percentage of 60 for her career at Texas State and looks to use this skill to her advantage for the 2013 campaign.

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