Bobcats escape double overtime game with 2-1 victory

Sports Reporter

The Texas State soccer team seemed poised to continue its winning streak after taking a 1-0 lead in the first half.

But an injury to Elizabeth Havenhill, sophomore defender, in the second half gave the Little Rock Trojans hope. The Trojans tied the game shortly after Havenhill exited.

The Bobcats weren’t as sharp defensively but eventually regained momentum and defeated the Little Rock Trojans 2-1 in overtime. The game-winning goal wasn't scored by Texas State, though.

Little Rock's misstep in the 103rd minute led to the game-winning goal.

Assistant Coach Link Scoggins said he was pleased with the win but knows the team can improve decision-making.

“A couple times we chose to take a poor angle shot rather than a slot ball or finding a teammate or even driving in a bit further to open up a better shooting angle,” Scoggins said.

The Bobcats controlled possession for the majority of the game until the injury to Havenhill. Kristen Champion, senior defender, replaced Havenhill for the remainder of the game. The Trojans scored quickly after Havenhill’s injury but weren’t able to sustain their pressure.

Scoggins was pleased at how the defense stepped up in Havenhill’s absence.

“[Kristen] Champion did a great job,” Scoggins said. “Caitlynn Rinehart, the other backs, even the players in front of her—the midfielders and forwards. Everybody did a good job at stepping up for Liz, she is certainly a key part of our team and our defense.”

Sara Small, Trojans senior goalkeeper, picked up from last week, finishing with five saves. Lauren Prater, junior forward, had a one-on-one breakaway right before the end of regulation but Small rushed out and the ball hit the crossbar.

Lynsey Curry, senior forward, beat Small in the first half by shifting past two defenders and scored her third goal of the season in the 39th minute.

“Link [Scoggins] told us when they are checking the ball that they were dropping so we had space to turn and go at them,” Curry said. “I just took my opportunity and actually, I was going to shoot sooner but it deflected off the defender and I just kept running and ended up getting it.”

Curry and Prater had chances to score against Little Rock which is a testament to good team chemistry. Curry said she knows how hard Prater works and is excited to see how far they can go.

“ Lauren is a really hard worker,” Curry said. “Every time I want to play the ball, I know that she will get there so it makes it easy on me. We have a lot of chemistry playing in the spring together and transferring that over to this fall. We are still rising to that peak and I cant wait to see how much better we get together."

The Bobcats will turn their attention towards a 1 p.m. Sunday matchup with the Arkansas State Red Wolves. The team leads the overall series againstthe Red Wolves 2-0. The win over Little Rock gives the Bobcats a 7-2 season record.