This is why Apple products suck

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Apple sucks, plain and simple.

While Apple’s iOS system is one of the most popular mobile running systems in the world, many Apple consumers illegally jailbreak their devices to gain features Android users already have.

Apple has had eight chances to improve its mobile interface and give new and old users useful and fresh features.

With the unveiling of iOS 9 software, the features and design appears almost identical to the last eight with very little identifiable changes. 

Users often resort to jailbreaking to customize their phone’s features because of the lack of variety and personalization with the iOS software. Jailbreaking is the process of removing the restrictions imposed by the iOS operating system, which allows users to have more control over customizing their phones—something Android patrons have always had.

Android users have always had an abundance of customizable and personalized features without illegally changing the software. Android users have also not had as many breaches of privacy like Apple customers have. These breaches occur when trying to get things such as a customizable lock or home screen, keyboard or access to banned apps.

The Apple iCloud system continues to have security problems, often allowing hackers to get their hands on photos, passwords, credit card numbers and other types of personal information.

In addition to the numerous iCloud scandals, Apple consumers who do want the luxury of personalizing their devices take a huge risk of being hacked when jailbreaking their devices.

Third-party applications and incompatible software are allowed to run through and operate in the device through the process of jailbreaking, supposedly with ease.

Yet Apple still fails to meet many of its consumers needs as far as giving a new look and flair to the Apple iOS software.

What has always made Android operating systems unique is the fact every phone can be set up in a different way—sorry, Apple users.

Changes in fonts, moving wallpapers and cool transitions from one screen to the next have caught the attention of users from other operating systems. Android users have looked at features Apple has come out with in the past few years and laughed at the effort to change.

Features like the drop-down text reply screen have been on Android operating systems for years and it is about time Apple finally catches up. 

Apple continues to overtake electronic device markets despite moving at a glacial pace when adding features that are viewed as “no-brainers.”

It seems Apple users truly invest in their products for the sleek look and premium materials used to manufacture devices. The qualities Apple products lack are top-notch security and a personalization-capable interface. These two features seem to be extremely important to users of all operating systems.

Android software continues to give its users style and personal flare as well as good security and Apple does not. Instead of creating a new iPhone every year, maybe Apple needs to invest in increasing its content. So, Bobcats, that is why Apple sucks! Team Android.

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