Pink tax proves women are still unequal

Opinion Columnist

It is time companies put an end to pink tax and stop charging women more than men for the same product.

Pink tax is gender pricing where products targeted to women are priced higher than the male equivalent. This discrimination against women is prevalent on a national level, and must be put to an end.

Analyzing the unfair pricing of women’s products is no hard math. The problem is the existence of a price gap between male and female products, which at the end of the day serve the same function.

Women are fighting a long and tiring war to win the equality and humanity they rightfully deserve, and companies like Degree are wronging them. Degree produces female deodorants that are $3.40 more expensive than they are for men. Both products contain the same ingredients, yet one is more expensive than the other.

Companies have given a multitude of reasons to justify their price gap between female and male products, but there is never a solid answer. The reality of the situation is inequality continues to pollute the air and women are the victims of this contamination.    

The pink tax is taking both money and equality from women. A couple of cents or a few dollars may not seem to be a big difference at a simple glance , but all that money starts to add up. Statistics show women are individually paying $1,400 more than men, annually.

Women are tricked into paying more money on products that are far more economic for men. The pink tax is unjust and unequal—companies like Degree are targeting women.

The problem is women do not seem to care about the fraud, or perhaps think of the pink tax as a myth rather than a reality. Society is allowing women to pay a higher price for simple products that are obtained by men for much lower.

More than money, women are being robbed of the justice they have fought for. This is an awakening for society, to show the real arena where women of the 21st century   stand today.  

The price gap shows more than numbers—it shows the invisible reality that is hard to admit. The reality is that women are still unequal to men in today’s society.

The money loss is significant, but what truly alarms me is the motive behind the action. It is obviously a gender issue when both men and women’s products deliver the same thing and have different prices—prices that always favor males.

The pink tax is wrong because it treats women unequally even though they have fought for equality for many generations. It is unacceptable to allow our mothers, our sisters and our grandmothers to pay a higher price than they should.

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