U.S. Marine band to perform on campus

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A group of 50 multitalented musicians will line the Evans Auditorium stage Sept. 25 to perform patriotic selections for the crowd.

The Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, hailing from San Diego, will visit San Marcos as a part of their college tour across Texas.

Robert Marroquin, gunnery sergeant and musician placement director for the Eighth Marine Corps District, said the tour will make stops at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Texas Lutheran University and The University of Texas at Austin in the coming days.

Andres Navarro, chief warrant officer 2 and band conductor, said the group is made up of a wind ensemble and concert, ceremonial and party bands.

Navarro said those attending the performance should expect to see traditional marches from the ceremonial band.

Many audience members compare the party band to a “human jukebox.”  

“Our party band is an ensemble that performs original arrangements, it’s like a mobile ensemble,” Navarro said. “We intend on going to the Alamo to provide mobile entertainment.”

Navarro said each of the ensembles brings a versatile mixture of marches and original compositions to the stage.

“We’re pretty much bringing a balanced menu of known wind ensemble literature in conjunction with some of the original arrangements and compositions from members of the band, and of course, in true military fashion, a couple of marches,” Navarro said.

In addition to providing entertainment to college campuses across the state, Navarro said the band is touring to encourage students to join the Marines.

“You could call it a recruitment tour, but we’re also going to share the Marine Corps story,” Navarro said. “We’re showing the American public a different side of the Marine Corps.”

Giovanni Scaramuzzo, sergeant and trumpet player, said the design of this tour is different from anything the band has attempted to do before because it specifically caters toward colleges.

Scaramuzzo said the band normally caters toward high schools.

Marroquin said the Marine Corps hopes to educate people not only on the recruitment aspect of the program, but also the music program, educational outreach and community involvement aspects. 

“We’d like to invite veterans in the area to attend and then maybe just educate students on opportunities for them as a career path they might want to take,” Marroquin said.

Navarro said the band hopes to give the American people a glimpse of what that Marine Corps music program has to offer.

“You know, we fight our nation’s wars and of course we engage in different battles, but we also have a band that belongs to the American people and we intend to travel to Texas to show just that—what the American people have invested in their Marine Corps,” Navarro said.

Marroquin said the performance begins at 7:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

“Our Marines have been preparing for this for months already, so we’re looking forward to it,” Navarro said.

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