Students show up for Alkek 25th anniversary event

News Reporter
Students, staff and faculty line up outside of Alkek Sept. 23 as part of the Book Pass Reenactment ceremony.
The quad was packed Tuesday morning for the celebratory kick-off of Alkek's 25 year anniversary of establishment.
Book-it-Brigade involved the formation of a “human chain” consisting of students, faculty and alumni that spanned from the plaza of Old Main to the top steps of Alkek Library. 
The event was a reenactment of an event in 1990 that honored the “symbolic move” of the library collection from JC Kellam (JCK) to Alkek on the library’s completion day, said Joan Heath, university librarian. On the day of the original event, books were passed along the human chain which extended from the third floor of JCK to the top steps of the collection’s new permanent home.
President Denise Trauth began the event by explaining the symbolism behind the Book-it Brigade.
“What we’re experiencing here is that the library is even more important to us,” Trauth said. “And it is the university symbol of our intellectual life.”
Heath sent the human chain into action by beginning the passing of six books from Old Main to Alkek. The books included original work by Sandra Cisneros, a critically acclaimed American writer, and an e-book.
When the books reached Alkek, Lauren Stotler, student body president, said the library is vital to the student body and that she hopes to return to Texas State to celebrate Alkek’s 50th anniversary of establishment.
Kenneth Pierce, vice president for information technology, said the event signaled an important day of recognition.
“Through this anniversary we recognize the ongoing value and importance of the library as the central component of the university,” Pierce said.
Heath said she was pleased with the event’s turnout.
“I’m just so proud of the Texas State community,” Heath said. “I cannot tell you what is was like coming from Old Main to Alkek and with that kind of turn out, the enthusiasm and support—it was superb.”
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