Live analysis: Texas State vs. Southern Mississippi

Assistant Sports Editor


Southern Mississippi: 52-yard touchdown catch for Casey Martin, 13:36.
Drive summary: 3 plays, 52 yards, 1:12.

Key play: Nick Mullens found Casey Martin again for another long pass. There is a common theme happening here.

Texas State: Robert Lowe two-yard touchdown rush, 8:12.
Drive summary: 14 plays, 84 yards, 5:24.

Key play: Tyler Jones ran the ball effectively on this drive. Jones picked up multiple first downs with his legs and capped off the drive with his buddy from those DIRECTV commercials.

Texas State: Tyler Jones 54-yard touchdown rush, 7:59.
Drive summary: 1 play, 54 yards, 0:13.

Key play: Tyler Jones ran up the middle and carried a defender 10 yards before scoring to bring the Bobcats within 7, 49-42. Texas State has scored 14 unanswered points in six minutes. 

Southern Mississippi: Jalen Richard 64-yard touchdown run, 6:23.
Drive summary: , 75 yards, 1:36.

Key play: Once again, untouched... Jalen Richard goes untouched up the middle for a long touchdown run. Richard has 228 rushing yards and four touchdowns.

Texas State: Saftey, 0:51.
Drive summary: 1 play, 0 yards.

Texas State: 4-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Jones to Demun Mercer.
Drive summary: 5 plays, 53 yards, 0:42

Key play: 36- yard touchdown pass from Tyler Jones Demun Mercer to put the Bobcats in scoring range.

Southern Mississippi 56, Texas State 50: Jalen RIchards took over in the second half. His two runs for 53 and 64 yards were the game changing plays.


Southern Mississippi: Three-yard touchdown catch by Casey Martin, 12:09.
Drive summary: 5 plays, 58 yards, 0:58. 

Key play: Mitchell beat Mims deep for 30 on a post route and plucked it from his hands. The play led the Golden Eagles down the field to take the lead 28-25.

Southern Mississippi: Jalen Richard 3-yard rush, 5:56.
Drive summary: 12 plays, 82 yards, 4:43.

Key play: On 3rd and seven from their own 35, Nick Mullens found Ito Smith on a swing route for 34 yards. Smith had nothing but green grass and a explosive block on the outside by one of his recievers to spring him.

Texas State: Lumi Kaba 33-yard field goal, 4:11.
Drive summary: 5 plays, 72 yards, 1:36.

Key play: Tyler Jones rushed up the middle for a big gain once again. This time? 66 yards. Enough said.

Southern Mississippi: Jalen Richard 53-yard touchdown run, 2:49.
Drive summary: 4 plays, 75 yards, 1:22.

Key play: Southern Mississippi is winning this track meet thanks to the legs of Jalen RIchard. Richard was untouched on the 53-yard run play right up the gut. Off to the races.

Southern Mississippi 42, Texas State 28: The second and third quarter were complete opposites for the Bobcats. After scoring 22 in the second, Texas State scored only 3 points in the third quarter. The momentum shifted back to the Golden Eagles after a controversial "non-fumble" call, which Texas State recovered and would have scored six points off of. Franchione was irate with the non-call, and received a unsportsmanlike penalty that put the Golden Eagles in plus territory. Southern Mississippi went on to score 14 unanswered points for the rest of the third quarter.


Southern Mississippi: Jalen Richard rushes for a one-yard touchdown run, 14:54.
Drive summary: 13 plays, 65 yards, 6:03.

Key Play: 4th and goal, the Golden Eagles decide to go for it and succeed. 21-3 lead for Southern Mississippi instead of 17-3.

Texas State: Tyler Jones rushes for 35 yards(Lumi Kaba extra point), 13:41.
Drive summary: 4 plays, 69 yards, 1:02.

Key play: Tyler Jones hit the hole in between the left guard and left tackle on a read-option play and kept the ball on the QB fake.

Texas State: Lawerence White two-yard touchdown catch from Tyler Jones (Robert Lowe two-yard 2pt conversion), 2:00.
Drive summary: 10 plays, 64 yards, 3:28.

Key play: Texas State didn't really have a "key play" here. It was a progressive drive all the way down the field. Efficiency at its finest.

Texas State: 32-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Jones to Damon Mercer (Lumi Kaba extra point), 0:34.
Drive summary: 3 plays, 23 yards, 0:27.

Key play: On the touchdown play, the Golden Eagles jumped offside. Texas State took advantage of the free play and Tyler Jones threw up a 50/50 ball to Damon Mercer, which tipped off of the defenders hands before Mercer caught the ball. Lucky? Perhaps. Still counts for the same six points though.

Texas State 25, Southern Mississippi 21: Texas State dominated the second quarter. The Bobcats flipped the momentum of the game with a fumble recovery by Brandon McDowell and a touchdown pass to Damon Mercer on the insuing drive. Before the game, Head Coach Dennis Franchione said he expected this game to be a track meet. It's surely turning out that way.


Southern Mississippi: 23-yard touchdown pass from Nick Mullens to D.J. Thompson, 11:47.
Drive summary: 8 plays, 75 yards, 3:13.

Key play: Nick Mullens to D.J. Thompson for 27 yards to put the Golden Eagles into Texas State territory on the first play from scrimmage.  

Texas State: Lumi Kaba 27-yard field goal, 8:49.
Drive summary: 7 plays, 82 yards, 2:53

Key play: Robert Lowe 59-yard run. Put the Bobcats within the Golden Eagles 25-yard line.

Southern Mississippi: 19-yard Nick Mullens to Jordan Mitchell, 7:22.
Drive summary: 5 plays, 75 yards, 1:27.

Key play: 38-yard pass from Nick Mullens to Casey Martin.

Southern Mississippi 14, Texas State 3: Nick Mullens carved up the Texas State all quarter and almost put up 21 on the Bobcats in the first quarter, but the Golden Eagles ran out of time on their third drive of the quarter on the 2-yard line.