Tennis, Rubio leave Mexico after impressive showing


Sports Reporter

The Texas State tennis team left its mark in Cancun, Mexico after an impressive start to the season in the Barcelo College Cup.

With some consideration before the tournament, Coach Tory Plunkett gave freshman, Yadira Rubio, the nod for playing in the No. 1 spot.

“I love her mentality and I needed to see if she can handle that pressure at playing this position," Plunkett said.

Even though she received high praise from Plunkett, Rubio was shocked that she was given the position to start the season.

“I knew I had to work hard like everyone else and also knew she had three returning players," Rubio said. ”It’s an honor but I was a little nervous.”

Rubio did not appear to show much nerves in her first collegiate match. Rubio won the No. 1 singles match against Magdalena Stencel in two sets (6-3, 6-1).

In matter of fact all of the freshmen picked up their first win on the opening day of the tournament. Freshman Joy Chia won a tightly contested No. 4 match. She won the first game by a score of 7-6 after capturing the tiebreaker with a score of 7-5.

And in a doubles match, senior Katy Collins and Bianca Birkenstock won after Nastya Tokareva and Sanne Hoekstra retired in the first game.

Plunkett was encouraged to watch the freshmen get a win on the first day of competition just made her feel even more excited for this learning experience and firmly believes success is in their future.

However, this wasn’t a perfect tournament for the Bobcats.

“In singles we did better, compared to the doubles,” Plunkett said.

Due to an injury, the team had to switch all of the doubles partners and weren’t as familiar with their partner as Plunkett would have liked.

“Walking on to the court we weren’t as comfortable with those parings,” Plunkett said. “Definitely need a lot of more communication as far as doubles.”

Heading into Saturday, the team was holding a 5-0 record but they hit a slight bump on the road and their winning ways went south.

“We relaxed a little bit too much,” Plunkett said. “Also you are a little bit more tired and you have to work harder on getting up and battling for each and every point.”

With this inexperienced team, Plunkett knows it is a learning process. Her personal goal is to try and stay patient.

In other matches, junior Eva Dench fell in two sets (6-2, 6-2) against Andrea Ivanovich in the No. 2 match. Pippa Carr and Joy Chia suffered a three-set loss in the doubles match. Carr and Joy won the first set of the match by a score of 6-4, before they dropped the second set by a score of 7-5 and third set by a score of 11-9.