Texas State to celebrate family weekend

Lifestyle Reporter

Families of Texas State students are invited to spend time with their Bobcat Sept. 18-19 during this year’s Family Weekend.

Jennifer Wood, assistant director of Retention Management and Planning, said this year’s activities will include a wine walk, a golf tournament, family breakfast and dinners, a tour of the Performance Arts Center and the opportunity to attend football and volleyball games.

Wood said diversity in families was something organizers kept in mind while designing the itinerary.

“We listen to them and their experiences, and think about the diversity that comes with our families—where they are from, their ages, their interests,” Wood said.

Alicia Acosta, criminal justice sophomore, said the event gives her the opportunity to show each family member what the university and community have to offer.

“It is just rare to get everyone down here at once,” Acosta said. “I get to bring everyone and there is something for all of us to do together, which is also kind of rare.”

Wood said the event sold out in only two weeks this year.

“Families are invited to come from the beginning,” Wood said. “We are there at orientation and at move-in day reminding parents of the opportunity.”

Wood said organizers listen to feedback from students and parents in order to improve the event each year.

“Listening to our families and their feedback is vital,” Wood said. “The current model took into account the experiences that we have had. We try to have something that will be of interest to them and their student.”

Wood said the weekend is a way for families to familiarize themselves with their student’s new home, and a way for students to show off their school.

“(Families) want to know that (students) are okay and that they’re enjoying their time here and reaching the goals that they have set out for themselves,” Wood said.

Wood said the event also helps parents form a more intimate relationship with the university.

“There is a relationship that becomes established with our families,” Wood said. “So when something goes wrong—routine or crisis—they can call our office and the staff here will be responsive and help guide them.”

Justine Acosta, parent and past event attendee, said she felt more comfortable sending her student to school after attending Family Weekend.

“It’s like a putting a face to a person,” Acosta said. “It’s just nice to get to know the environment your child is in, but to feel like you have a place here as well is just such a sweet and nice feeling.”

Wood said one of the best parts of the event comes from seeing the excitement on each parent’s face as they discover how their student is getting involved on campus.

“There is a level of pride that their student is here, which is emotional for them,” Wood said. “Sometimes they just stand back and beam, and it sort of radiates from them. It helps me remember that behind every student there is some type of support.”

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