Students should think before committing to go Greek

Greek life is an integral part of any college experience, but it may be more beneficial for students to feel out things before committing to the slew of organizations prowling for recruits.

Unfortunately, many students feel in order to be part of something big on campus they have to join a Greek organization, specifically a Panhellenic one.

Students may be surprised to know Panhellenic societies are not the end-all be-all for Greek organizations on campus. Before making a commitment, it is great to explore the vast array of options.

Many new and continuing students are unaware of service organizations. These organizations are Greek sororities and fraternities whose primary purpose is community service.

Service and professional fraternities and sororities are great alternatives to general organizations aimed more towards social development and partying.

Instead of worrying about picking up women or buying enough booze to last a lifetime, these members are dedicated only to serving and bettering communities. They give students a real look into philanthropy and being a positive part of the community.

The most frequent complaint against social fraternities and sororities is the lack of diversity. These organizations seek out a specific look, a particular type of person and a precise demeanor and background. Essentially, they leave much to be desired in the variety department.

If students want a truly immersive college experience, being hog-tied with people specifically chosen due to certain physical and mental qualities does not exactly lend itself to broadening horizons.

Instead, students can join Greek organizations dedicated to multiculturalism like those belonging to the Multicultural Greek Council. This gives students a real, more tangible college experience as well as one more in line with the changing demographics of the country.

Being surrounded by nothing but other relatively wealthy, blonde-haired white men or women is not going to set students up for the reality of the workforce and society-at-large.

This is college, and it is a time for people to find themselves. College years serve as a transitional phase from being a child to becoming a fully formed adult. One of the most important things to remember is not to limit yourself.

Greek organizations—specifically social and general ones—can limit not only individuality, but also a person’s view of how the world works. The world is not here to bend to the whims of a person because they have a few Greek letters behind their name.

If students wish to join a Greek organization, they should look into the array that is offered—from religious orgs to honor societies and service groups. These are all just as Greek as any of the other general ones. The only difference is their code of ethics and primary purpose.

Students would be wise to remember there is literally an organization that can cater to any and everyone, as well as accommodate their whims and beliefs accordingly.