The Marc celebrates second anniversary, hopes to book bigger shows

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ASAP Ferg performs Sept. 4 at The Marc to celebrate the venue’s two-year anniversary.

The Marc celebrated its 2nd year anniversary on The Square with a weekend of musical performances.

Two years ago, AfterDark Entertainment purchased the Texas Music Theater (TMT) and renamed it The Marc, making it their central home, said Shane Marshall, marketing director of AfterDark Entertainment. The Marc’s first show was in 2013 on Sept. 6 with a performance by Ookay.

TMT was widely known for their Texas country shows. Today, The Marc hosts a variety of artists ranging from electronic dance music and hip-hop to Texas country.

Marshall said The Marc’s opening night was a huge success. However, the company struggled to draw large crowds, especially on weekdays.

“It definitely started as a brand-new club,” Marshall said. “At first, people were wary to go in because they were just used to Texas country.”

The company started developing weeknight concepts such as Twerquilla Tuesday, dollar drinks and Whiskey Wednesday. Soon, The Marc began to draw in crowds of 1,000 people, Marshall said.

“We were barely putting 150 people in The Marc on Tuesdays two years ago,” Marshall said. “Last week, we had 1,000 people in and 500 people waiting outside the door.”

However, despite the success of The Marc, some residents miss the Texas country atmosphere of TMT.

“I miss the old TMT, it was a great place to go and listen to country music,” said Amber Boldt, agricultural animal science junior. “Now, because they don’t play Texas country as much, you have to drive out to Austin or San Antonio to hear Texas country music.”

Marshall said The Marc tries to throw in a little bit of diversity in its live performances, although AfterDark Entertainment is mainly electronic dance music.

“I’m not a huge fan of country, so I kind of avoided it at first,” said Gabriel Bermea, electronic media and mass communication sophomore. “But one of my friends invited me whenever the rap group Travis Porter was playing and that got me more interested. It included more artists.”

Although The Marc does not exclusively play Texas country like TMT did, Marshall said the company did not want to exclude that kind of music from performances. Marshall said Whiskey Wednesdays are strictly dedicated to two-stepping.

“It’s really the only place to two-step on The Square,” Marshall said. “It’s kind of paying homage to TMT, just keeping around what they started.”

Marshall said AfterDark Entertainment is looking to book bigger shows in the future. The Marc has grown as college students are “big fans” of the music and have helped the venue grow as a company.

“The Marc has become an icon for San Marcos,” Marshall said. “It went from a brand-new club to the most poppin’ place on The Square.”

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