Hormuth working to become goal scoring threat this year

Sports Reporter
Kassi Hormuth, sophomore forward, chases down Taylor Kidd, Miners senior midfielder, in the Bobcats' 2-1 loss to UTEP.

A position change in sports can make or break an athlete. For Kassi Hormuth, sophomore forward, her biggest challenge this season is completing the switch from midfielder to forward.

“I think taking on a new role because last year I played primarily attacking mid,” Hormuth said. “Taking on forward is a little bit different. It’s good, I like it and it is something new and more of a challenge to get into a new position.”

Last season, Hormuth was second among her freshman class in goals (3) and assists (1) behind Rachel Grout, sophomore forward. Coach Kat Conner said Hormuth still needs to come out of her newcomer role.

“That’s what we need from her, she really just needs to step out of that newcomer role and really blossom into being a goal-scoring threat,” Conner said. “Because in the end it will make her more dangerous and it will make Lynsey (Curry) more dangerous.”

Conner believes in Hormuth but she knows it is a matter of her confidence in front of net.

“I need her to gain her confidence,” Conner said. “I need her to get an aggressive attitude. She did it in the spring so I know she can do it. It is just about getting back into that realm.”

Hormuth is eager to get things going with Lynsey Curry, senior forward, who leads the program in shots attempted.

“I think me and Lynsey are still trying to get it together a little bit, but I think it will come together soon,” Hormuth said.

The sophomore forward hasn’t scored yet this season but Conner said Hormuth has the ability to be a goal-scoring leader.

“Kassi is an unbelievable player,” Conner said. “She has the capabilities to be an outstanding player and lead the like Curry does.”

On the field, Hormuth is working on her aggression. Off the field, Hormuth knows the importance of listening to older players.

“I think experience from the older ones is very helpful,” Hormuth said. “They’ve been here longer and they know how everything runs. So it was good to learn from them last year and this year.”

Like any position change there is a significant learning curve. All Hormuth needs is more time because the potential is there to develop into a consistent goal-scoring threat.   

“I know (Hormuth) can take over the game,” Conner said. “I just need (Hormuth) to do it,” Conner said. “And don’t be shy and don’t worry about what teammates are going to think but know that they believe in (Hormuth. They know (Hormuth) has that capability.”


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