Target pulls gender labels from stores, San Marcos residents react

News Reporter

Target announced Aug. 7 that the company will eliminate gender labels in several departments of its stores nationwide.

Molly Snyder, Target’s senior group manager of public relations, said removing gender labels has been a conversationTarget officials have been hearing for quite some time in their call centers.

“We wanted to make the right adjustments that we felt would be the best for our company and our guests,” Snyder said. “At this point in time, we felt that it was the right step to take.”

Snyder said although customers have had a wide variety of opinions, the overall customer feedback has been favorable.

Snyder said she wants to emphasize that Target respects all of their customers’ opinions.

“I like Target, got nothing against them,” said Jacob Anderson, San Marcos resident and frequent shopper. “I think the removal of gender labeling is pointless. (They are) just children’s toys. Most little boys and girls play with different types of toys, so makers market to those genders.”

Prior to Target’s announcement, the company had teams identify areas where gender-based signage could be phased out to help bring balance to the shopping experience, according to the company’s blog.

Snyder said the phasing-out process has already begun in the bedding section. The signs in that section are unnecessary since the departments are across from one another, she said.

Instead of signs labeled by gender, the new signs will read “Children’s Bedding,” according to Target officials.

In the toy section, Target plans to remove the colors pink, blue, yellow and green to remove reference of gender, according to the company’s blog.

“We want customers to be able to make those choices for themselves,” Snyder said. “The majority of Target locations across the U.S. have already made the necessary changes.”

Snyder said she would like to emphasize that the change does not apply to departments such as apparel and restrooms.

Managers and HR representatives from the Target located in San Marcos were not available for comment on the removal of gender labels.

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