Bobcats allow late goal in 2-1 loss to UTEP

Special to the Star
Rachel Grout, sophomore midfielder, defends Nicole Lindsay, Miners junior midfielder, in the Texas State soccer team's 2-1 loss to UTEP.

Things looked bright for the Texas State soccer team as they drove towards the second half with the lead until Aleah Davis, Miners junior midfielder, made her mark on the game.

Davis ran down the right-hand side of the field and delivered a cross that passed the outstretched hand of Caitlynn Rinehart, senior goalkeeper.

The Bobcats lost momentum after Davis' goal and never quite got back into form.

In the 78th minute, Davis put the finishing touches on the game as she threw the ball from the corner flag and found Bri Barreiro, Miners junior midfielder. The goal in the 78th minute put the game out of reach and sealed the Bobcats’ 2-1 loss to UTEP Sunday afternoon at the Bobcat Soccer Complex. 

Lynsey Curry, senior forward, is the cornerstone for the Bobcats offense. Just three minutes in, Curry was able to redirect a loose ball for her second goal this season.

Curry and Lauren Prater, junior forward, looked sharp in the first 25 minutes. The duo used their chemistry to work the ball down the field. After an early wave of crosses from the Bobcats, the UTEP backline tightened their lines and defended deliveries.

Following the Curry substitution, the Bobcats weren’t as proficient in holding up play and it resulted in less forward movement and a lack of possession in the center half.

After halftime, UTEP and Texas State fought to find a rhythm. The Bobcats began with four corners in the first 15 minutes of the second half yet were unable to find a goal. Likewise, the Miners found themselves with opportunities to get in behind but Rinehart was quick off her line all afternoon. 

The Bobcats were able to create a few chances in the second half but eventually lost the physical battle with UTEP.

Texas State falls to 1-2 following the loss. The team’s next game is Sept. 4 against Texas A&M Corpus-Christi. 

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