Get to know: Lauren Prater, junior forward

Sports Reporter

DJ: Can you talk a little bit about how your junior season is going so far?

LP: The season is going pretty good so far. We’ve won our games and I have been able to get some goals, which is pretty exciting. The last few years I haven’t really started so strong. So I’d say my junior season is starting out pretty good, so hopefully I can keep it up.


DJ: I know youve grown up in this Texas heat, but do you prefer to play in the hot or do you like the late-season weather in November better?

LP: I’d say I like the late-season weather in November better because sometimes it’s cold, but it’s not freezing. I personally hate the cold, but I don’t mind playing in cool weather. I’ll deal with the hot weather, but it is a lot more tiring.


DJ: I read that your favorite player is Alex Morgan. Can you talk about the popularity soccer is starting to gain with the younger generations in America, especially after the World Cup win?

LP: I think—especially after the World Cup win—the sport is only going to grow in popularity. The World Cup is one of the biggest stages of soccer that goes on that people actually watch. Now that the U.S. won, I think the sport is just going to blow up for the younger generations.


DJ: Is there a particular season or moment that stands out to you as an awesome soccer memory?

LP: Probably one of the most memorable moments I have was actually when I was playing in high school. We were in the playoffs and we were tied in a game. I was, at the time, in a scoring downfall. I had not scored in like six games, so I was pretty down on myself. I ended up scoring the game-winning goal off of a volley about 20 yards out. We ended up winning and moving on to the next round, so that was a pretty exciting moment.


DJ: What is it about the forward position that you enjoy?

LP: I’d say one reason is just because you don’t get as tired when you’re in the forward position. I mean, you do get tired, but not compared to midfield or something. Also, just running by the defense and getting past them is such an adrenaline rush, I guess. Then of course, scoring goals is a great accomplishment that goes along with the position. I feel like it is definitely one of the more rewarding positions on the field. 

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